Lincoln Project touts ‘ultra-MAGA megastar’ Ron DeSantis, tweaks ‘impotent’ Donald Trump

The political provocateurs of the Lincoln Project are yet again stoking potential conflict between former President Donald Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis.

A new Lincoln Project ad called “Star” depicts DeSantis as what a media release calls “the new MAGA superstar overtaking Donald Trump as the standard-bearer for the authoritarian movement formerly known as the GOP.”

“Ron DeSantis betrayed you to become a star,” a female voiceover teases. “Raising millions by stealing your act. Winning straw polls and fans.”

“You made him, and he betrayed you. He’s laughing at you,” the narrator cajoles to an audience of one. “He’s taking everything from you. And by the time you fight back, it will be too late.”

”Ron DeSantis is the hot young starlet in the MAGAverse. DeSantis has taken everything from Trump but his trophy wife. DeSantis and his team are already picking out curtains in the White House and enjoying the January 6th Commission’s devastating attacks on Trump,” asserted Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson.

“DeSantis is taking Donald’s political money, dominating Trump in the headlines, and getting rave reviews from Fox and the conservative media,” Wilson added. “Trump is impotent, weak, and lost on how to fight back against a younger, thinner, and flashier version of himself.”

The Lincoln Project has visited this theme of DeSantis threatening Trump in previous ad buys. A January and February ad buy was localized to Tallahassee and Palm Beach media markets on the Fox News Channel.

Trump may enter the 2024 race formally soon, and many would take that as a reaction to DeSantis’ surge in recent months. Trump continues to say he was “very responsible” for DeSantis’ political rise in friendly interviews.

DeSantis is still denying any interest in a presidential run, mocking what he called media “obsession” about a potential campaign in a recent press conference, and continuing to be coy when asked about 2024 “nonsense.” He sidestepped this topic as recently as a Fox News interview last month.

However, speculation is not quieting. The latest revelation, via Reuters, is that his re-election social media is targeted beyond Florida’s borders, in what some interpret as a sign of larger national ambitions. He also is giving speeches around the country, another sign that he is a national figure headed into the presidential election year.

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