Meghan warned politics is ‘very badly paid’ as Duchess ‘needs a lot of money to live’ | Royal | News

Meghan Markle would “quite like a political role” in the future when her children are in school, royal author Tom Bower has claimed. But he pointed out that the Duchess of Sussex “needs a lot of money to live”. Speaking to Palace Confidential on Mailplus, Mr Bower said: “I think that she does see her future as a congresswoman for California.

“There are 40 seats there and most of them are Democrat.

“But her problem is twofold: One is that it’s very badly paid and Meghan needs a lot of money to live, and secondly you’ve got to be pretty tough in a political fight.

“Whether she has the ability to be so tough and insensitive to go with the rocks and rolls, we’ll see – she can’t sue people as she’d like to in Britain for attacking her.

“I think she’d quite like a political role, I think she’ll first wait to see her children into school, she’ll build the foundations for it.

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“But she’s a very good-looking woman, she’s sassy, she’s got her issues like parental rights – there have been worse people who have been congresswomen, so there’s a good chance.”

It comes as a royal expert claimed Meghan is moving forward in a “totally different avenue” to Prince Harry.

The Duchess called Senators Shelley Moore Capito and Susan Collins on a withheld number about paid parental leave and a climate policy by the US Government.

Royal expert Neil Sean has claimed Meghan’s involvement in politics has left Prince Harry as a “house husband”.

Royal commentator Hilary Fordwich hit out at the Duchess of Sussex for getting involved in politics while using her title.

Speaking to Dan Abrams on Newsnation, Ms Fordwich said: “Prince Harry obviously can’t control his wife because he knows very well you can’t be a renegade royal over here in the US because you’re breaking centuries of the royals staying out of politics.

“Not just American politics, all politics.”

It has since been reported Meghan is expected to make more of these calls.

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