Solar tax incentives from Jon Ossoff in Inflation Reduction Act

Solar jobs in the United States are still largely in installing panels, not making them, but Georgia Sen. Jon Ossoff hopes to expand the manufacturing side of things with his Solar Energy Manufacturing for America Act.

The law, which passed the House in November but not the Senate, has made it into the new Inflation Reduction Act — a trimmed down spending bill that focusses on the economy and environmental issues. Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, a long time hold out on Democratic spending proposals, this week reached a deal to support the bill with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Build Back Better bill:Solar manufacturing may expand further in Georgia, southeast under Build Back Better bill

Ossoff’s proposal would create tax credits for all the major steps of production, including purifying silicone, creating wafers from that silicone, turning those wafers into the energy-producing cells, and assembling those cells into a solar panel module, ready for installation.

“We have a generational and historic obligation to address climate change and transition from fossil fuel combustion to clean and renewable energy,” Ossoff said in a statement when the bill passed the House. 

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