Is Cheney a renegade or vying for the presidency?

Quick, I have a question for you, especially if you are a Democrat or liberal:  Can you name of the chairman of the January 6 Insurrection Committee? No idea? Don’t fret; neither does 95% of the rest of the population.

Here’s another:  Can you name the VICE Chair of that same committee? Yup, of course, you know that one; it’s Wyoming Republican Representative, Liz Cheney.

Perhaps I should identify her with the name many Republicans call her these days: RINO or Republican in Name Only, specifically after being chosen to not only serve on this committee, but to also have accepted such an important position on it.

I met Rep. Cheney some years ago at a fundraising event for Congressman Tim Walberg. I sang the National Anthem. Ms. Cheney was guest speaker. She thrilled me by igniting her audience with conservative proclamations along with her support for President Trump and Walberg. I became an instant fan.

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