Political Profile: Gregg Amore, Candidate for General Treasurer

Monday, August 01, 2022


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Gregg Amore is a Democratic candidate for General Treasurer. Here is what he has to say.

1.  What do you think is the biggest political issue this campaign cycle?

Secretaries of State are under attack across this country — with many challenges being made by those who would deny the results of our democratic elections. Free and fair elections and the right to vote are the cornerstone of our democracy and we need leaders who will fight to protect this right and expand access for voters. If elected, I will continue to modernize our elections while maintaining safety and security. I see the role of the Secretary of State to be the educator-in-chief for how we run our elections and why there are, in fact, so few examples of voter fraud. We employ some of the most cutting-edge cybersecurity and election security measures, modeling our work after the same security measures used by other sensitive industries such as banking and law enforcement. My belief is that better communication to the public of what is currently in place can build trust and faith that our election results are the will of the people. 
2.  What do we need to do to improve Rhode Island’s economy?

Rhode Island’s economy is fueled by small businesses. The Secretary of State plays a vital role in facilitating and overseeing the creation and dissolution of Rhode Island businesses. We must continue breaking down barriers to entrepreneurship and provide support for all Rhode Islanders who are seeking to start their next business, whether a new neighborhood restaurant or a global cybersecurity firm. We will do our part to make Rhode Island a place where people come to do business to support local jobs, create a stable tax base, and grow our economy.
As Secretary of State, I am committed to expanding the outreach and engagement efforts to those communities that have been historically underrepresented as entrepreneurs and business owners. We can continue to improve on how we provide necessary services such as licensing notaries and maintaining the corporate database. In 2022 there should be no need to physically visit the Secretary of State offices when this work can continue to be done online.

When elected the next Secretary of State, I am committed to:

• Helping Rhode Islanders start new businesses
• Working to ensure underrepresented communities know the resources available to them
• Making it easier to dissolve a business
• Continuing to move as many services online as possible
• Continuing to facilitate and expand online workshops to help businesses navigate the start-up process, including MBE’s and WBE’s
• Continuing to improve the website in order to make it as intuitive and as navigable as possible
 The Department of State can partner with the Department of Administration to help achieve these goals. 

3.  What is the greatest challenge facing Rhode Island as a state?

The greatest challenge facing our state is polarization in politics which leads to voter apathy. Voter apathy leads to low-turnout elections. Low turnout elections consolidate power into the hands of the few. Politics should be the art of the possible. The exchange of ideas. A debate about the best path forward. Too often we hear politicians talking past each other, unwilling to listen. I have always been someone who looks to build consensus and to listen to differing views. We can maintain our core values and beliefs while also working together for the betterment of all Rhode Islanders. We must remember that everything about our elections should focus on what voters need to build greater participation in the process and trust in the outcome. Politicizing elections for the benefit of those in office turns democracy on its head. Good candidates can win elections so long as we are all playing by the same rules, so our policies and laws should reflect what will lead to greater participation and overall trust in the process.
4.  Why are you running for office? What makes you uniquely qualified?  

In light of the recent assault on voting rights across our country, it’s critical that Rhode Islanders elect a Secretary of State who understands our history, has an intimate knowledge of the electoral process, will fight to protect and expand access to the voting booth, and keep our elections safe and secure. I believe I have the experience and the vision to do just that. As an award-winning history and civics education teacher in East Providence for nearly 30 years, and a 10-year State Representative from East Providence, I have intimate knowledge of how our government works and how we can make it better. 
5.  Who is your inspiration?

The person who inspired me most in life is my mother, Nancy, who we lost in 2020. My Mom read all the news she could get her hands on, and dinner conversations always revolved around the issues of the day. The result was that I was civically engaged before I even knew what those words meant. She set an example for my sister and me that will always stay with us. She taught us to fight for what we believe in — but to do so with grace and dignity. She taught us to treat people with respect and to value hard work, to help others without being asked, to get involved in making our community a better place to live. She was ever the optimist because she believed in the basic decency of people and the great democratic experiment that is America. My mom believed that politics and public service were noble endeavors. And because of her — I do too.


Bio: Gree Amore


Gregg is a Townie through and through, a proud lifelong resident of East Providence. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Lee (Smith). Together they have two (now
adult) daughters, Tess and Megan. Born on Oct. 28, 1966, Amore graduated from East Providence High School in 1984 before continuing his education at Providence College, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in history in 1988. In 2010, he earned a master’s degree in public policy from New England College.

Gregg taught Advanced Placement United States History and United States Civics and Government courses at East Providence High School for twenty-seven years and is a fixture in the hallways at East Providence High School. In 2008, Amore was recognized as the Rhode Island History Teacher of the Year by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

He was instrumental in the process to build and finance the new East Providence High School which opened its doors in September of 2021.
He currently works as the East Providence School District Athletic Administrator and is well-known across the athletic fields, hockey rinks and gymnasiums from Westerly to Woonsocket. He is credited with significantly expanding East Providence’s Unified Sports/Special Olympics programs during his tenure. Gregg has enjoyed a rewarding high school and college coaching career in both hockey and baseball, including serving as head baseball coach at La Salle Academy, East Providence High School, and the United States Naval Academy Prep School in Newport.

He led the Townies to a hockey championship in 2005 and was an assistant baseball coach at Providence College where he also played as a member of the Friars team in the 1980s. Committed to public service, Gregg ran for State Representative in 2012 and has served the residents of East Providence with distinction for the past ten years. During his time in office, he has served as a Deputy Majority Leader, chairman of the House Committee on Small Business, chairman of the House Finance Subcommittee on Education and second vice chair of the House Committee on Education. He has also served as a member of the House Committee on Finance, House Committee on Municipal Government, and the House Committee on Innovation, Internet and Technology.

He is widely credited with advancing the House of Representatives’ education agenda which has included key education reform legislation related to curriculum and site-based management. He has championed efforts to significantly increase English Language Learner categorical funding, school construction initiatives, and making college more affordable for Rhode Islanders. He was recently honored by the Rhode Island School Superintendents’ Association with the 2021 Paul Crowley Award for his commitment to public education.

In 2021, Representative Amore cosponsored the law which requires students to demonstrate proficiency in civics education before high school graduation, earning him recognition from the League of Women Voters, who awarded him their Civic Engagement Award. In 2021 and 2022 Gregg has called for the passage of the Let RI Vote Act – a bill that will expand access to the ballot by giving people options for casting their ballot in a way that works for them. These provisions have already proven to increase voter participation with 2020 setting a record for voter turnout when voters safely and securely used proven methods of casting a ballot. Additionally, Amore has been twice selected as the Mothers Against Drunk Driving – RI Legislator of the Year and earned a place in the American Cancer Society’s “Cancer Caucus” for his sponsorship and advocacy on behalf of legislation passed in 2013 that required health insurance providers to cover oral chemotherapy. Gregg continues to be involved in his community. He serves on the Board of Directors for the East Providence Mohawks Youth Organization and the Friends of Townie Athletics Organization. He is a member of the RI Historical Society, East Providence Democratic City Committee and East Providence High School Hall of Fame Committee. He previously served on the Board of Directors for the East Providence Education Association.

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