Matt Gaetz accuses Mark Lombardo of being funded by The Lincoln Project in response to ad

The Matt Gaetz congressional campaign is clapping back at The Lincoln Project in response to its new ad slamming Gaetz for his recent comments on the looks of pro-choice activists.

The Lincoln Project uses comments Gaetz made about the looks of pro-choice women at the recent Turning Point Action Summit in a nod to the sitcom “It’s Aways Sunny in Philadelphia” with an episode titled “Matt has a secret.”

The ad features sound bites of Gaetz making misogynistic comments, starting with him saying “the women with the least likelihood of getting pregnant are the ones most worried about having abortions.”

A female narrator mocks the Republican Congressman, saying “Matt, you seem like a guy that enjoys spending time with women. So why are you so angry at them? Are you mad because you have to pay for sex? Allegedly.”

The “secret” revealed at the end of the ad refers to the size of Gaetz’s manhood.

The Gaetz campaign fired back in a statement with accusations against his Primary Election opponent in Florida’s 1st Congressional District, Mark Lombardo.

“Mark Lombardo’s consultants at the Lincoln Project could’ve saved time by burning a pile of cash instead,” a Gaetz campaign spokesperson said. “Voters in Northwest Florida know liberal propaganda when they see it.”

Lombardo volleyed, saying Gaetz has been lying about him for weeks with claims his campaign is funded by The Lincoln Project.

“This is a complete and total fabrication — another Gaetz lie,” Lombardo said. “As required by law, I have disclosed the money contributed to my campaign. Nearly every penny of the money that has been spent and is being spent is my money.”

The Marine Corps veteran and former FedEx executive raised just $5,850 since entering the race, loaning himself $400,000.


Gaetz reported raising $547,150 in the second quarter. The campaign received $17,400 from George O’Neill Jr., a Rockefeller heir who had contact with a Russian agent.

Lombardo said the Lincoln Project ad “misses the point and distracts from the issues at hand.”

“Voters don’t care about the size of Gaetz’s anatomy,” Lombardo said. “However, they do care that he has a long history of engaging in behavior that degrades women.”

Gaetz and Lombardo will go head-to-head in the Aug. 23 Republican Primary Election after Bryan Jones dropped out of the race.

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