Australia Set To Become A Republican State After British Royal Family Accused Of Unfair Treatment

PR Taskmalaya – The Republican movement in Australia has become increasingly heated as the growing issue surrounding the British royal family is no longer considered worthy of being a role model for the country.

Professor Jenny Hawking, an Australian political scientist, believes that the British royal family no longer deserves to be used as a role model for kangaroo country and that Australia should be a republican state instead.

Today, 26 January 2022, the Kangaroo Country celebrates Australia’s National Day which marks the first step at Sydney Cove and the unfurling of the Union flag by a British naval officer named Arthur Phillip.

This historic event at Port Jackson 234 years ago marked the British Empire’s rule over Australia, which at that time was still divided into six regions, namely New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania.

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Although the kangaroo country already has its own government, the position of head of state is still filled by Queen Elizabeth II as leader of the British Empire.

As many years passed and the British Empire was increasingly in the grip of scandals, Australians began to wonder why they could not become a republican state headed by a single president.

informed of From the Express page, the idea of ​​wanting to become a Republican country is reportedly not the first time that has happened so far in 2021, but has already happened in 1999.

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