Brooklyn Democrats Name Candidates For Courts

The Kings County Democratic Party’s Judicial Convention, which officially nominated twelve candidates to compete on the party’s ticket in the 2022 election for Justice of the New York State Supreme Court, was recently presided over by Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn. The convention took place at the Marine Park Golf Course in Southern Brooklyn.  The nominated twelve from diverse origins will participate in the upcoming 2022 General Election.


The democratic candidates are:


Hon. Patria Frias-Colon–  First judge ever elected from the Dominican Republic in Kings County’s history. The Supervising Judge for Queens County Civil Court, Frias-Colon, was just appointed. She has worked in Kings County Civil Court from 2020 till the present.


Hon. Cenceria P. Edwards– The New York State Supreme Court’s Acting Justice for the Civil Term has been appointed.


Hon. Cheryl J.Gonzales– Since 2005, the Supervising Judge has presided over the Kings County Housing Court in New York City.


Hon. Lorna J. McAllister– a woman of Jamaican heritage whose judicial career began in 2008 when she served as the nominee’s senior court attorney


Hon. Aaron D. Maslow– Attorney Aaron Maslow has been in practice for about 40 years. He served as an administrative law judge in New York City and has represented numerous candidates in cases relating to election law.


Hon. Dweynie E. Paul– When presumably elected, the first Haitian-American justice of the New York State Supreme Court was in Kings County.


Hon. Susan Quirk– A elected Kings County Civil Court Judge who currently serves in a Family Court. She started her career in public service in the year 1998 as a paralegal for the Kings County DA office.


Hon. Robin K. Sheares– Sheares is an Acting Justice of the Kings County Supreme Court (Civil Term) in the Second Judicial District of New York. Sheares began her judicial career as a Judge of the Civil Court for the city of  New York  back in the year 2008


Hon. Ellen M. Spodek– Elected to the Supreme Court in 2009 and served as acting Administrative Judge in 2020.


Hon. Anne J. Swern– Swern, who is currently employed by the New York City Civil Court, previously worked for almost 35 years as an Assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn, where she was chosen by four independently elected District Attorneys. Additionally, she teaches at Brooklyn Law School.


Hon. Richards Velasquez– started working in the Kings County Supreme Court’s Civil Term in 2019.


Hon. Craig S. Walker-Currently serves as the Kings County Supreme Court’s Criminal Term’s Acting Justice of the Youth Part.

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