Bentley Stolen From The UK Found In Karachi

A luxury Bentley Mulsanne sedan was stolen from the United Kingdom and was recovered all the way in Karachi, Pakistan. Customs officials recovered the car from a posh bungalow in Karachi during a raid on Saturday.

Stolen Bentley from the UK found in Karachi 


Officials of the UK National Crime Agency got to know about the stolen car, raided the bungalow and seized the luxury vehicle besides finding unlicensed weapons in another bungalow.

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The luxury Bentley costs over USD 300,000

The posh car was stolen in London a few weeks back and the people involved in the whole racket managed to import the car to Pakistan using documents of a top diplomat of an east European country, sources said.

The diplomat is said to have now been recalled by his government. The luxury Bentley costs over USD 300,000 (approximately 60.6 million Pakistan rupees) and it is the brand’s largest and most expensive handcrafted sedan.

The authorities took the owner of the residence and the broker who sold him the vehicle into custody after the house owner failed to provide adequate documents. The registration of the vehicle has also been forged, said Customs officials.

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