Lincoln Project exposes Matt Gaetz’s ‘secret’ in new Panhandle TV ad buy

The Lincoln Project is gunning for U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, running an ad in Florida’s 1st Congressional District spotlighting recent controversial comments about abortion.

The new buy leads off with a comment Gaetz made during the Turning Point Action Summit last weekend. The Panhandle Republican said that “the women with the least likelihood of getting pregnant are the ones most worried about having abortions.”

“Matt Gaetz is one of the biggest tools in Congress and a standout among the weirdest and most ridiculous members of the MAGA mutant parade,” said Rick Wilson, The Lincoln Project co-founder. “As we say in the South, that boy wasn’t raised right.”

As would be expected, the balance of the ad twists the knife into Gaetz, with a tribute to “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” where the ad uses the sitcom’s incidental music and its penchant for title tags. This “episode” is called “Matt has a secret.”

A narrator poses the question: “Matt, you seem like a guy that enjoys spending time with a woman. So why are you so angry at them? Are you mad because you have to pay for sex? Allegedly.”

Gaetz from there offers some more objectionable quotes.

“Why would someone impregnate you,” he asked, “if you look like a thumb?”

The ad includes several more jabs at Gaetz, mixed in with footage of the Republican Congressman calling women overweight and suggesting they “mix in a salad,” before closing with the female narrator making a joke about Gaetz’s manhood, which apparently is the “secret” of the ad.

The Lincoln Project has come after Gaetz before, of course, including in the wake of the Capitol riots on Jan. 6, 2021.

Branded” and “This is your coup” saw the former Republicans at the Lincoln Project subject Gaetz and other MAGA-style Republicans to the withering scrutiny that has become their trademark.

See the full ad below.

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