Did Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde split? An investigation.

Another day, another Don’t Worry Darling rumour/conspiracy/spitting video.

No, I joke. There is not another spitting video – at least at this stage. Honestly, at this point, we can’t rule out anything from happening down the line. This movie still has weeks of promo left.

The latest story doing the rounds is less spit, more… spite. Maybe.

(If you’re feeling out of the loop, we’ve got a full roundup of all the drama here.)

Following the film’s Venice Film Festival outing, after we all decided whether we were ‘camp spit’ or ‘camp no spit’, another narrative emerged, about the state of the relationship between the film’s director Olivia Wilde and one of its stars, Harry Styles.

ICYMI, the pair have been dating for around 18 months to two years (we don’t know for sure when it all… began), after meeting on the set of the film. They have not even officially announced a relationship, let alone whether it’s now over, but that hasn’t stopped people wondering if their actions at the premiere point to them being dunzo.

I’m going to be logical and say I think it’s wishful thinking in the minds of many who have painted Wilde as a villain from the moment her and Styles were first seen holding hands in January 2021 paparazzi pics. 

But look, let’s lay it all out, and you can draw your own conclusions.

The lack of interaction between Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles.

This seems to be the biggest ‘proof’ break-up truthers are leaning on.

Throughout the day’s publicity – from the photo call, to the press conference, to the red carpet and finally, the screening – there was barely a hint of interaction between Wilde or Styles, who arrived to each event separately.

In fact, it seemed almost comical how much they were attempting to avoid being near each other:

Gemma Chan and Chris Pine thinking this is cool and normal. Image: Getty. 

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