Walmart Heiress Christy Walton Is The Only Billionaire Still Donating To The Lincoln Project

Ahead of the 2020 election, an anti-Trump super-PAC named The Lincoln Project made headlines with its relentless criticism of the former president. “Mourning in America,” a Covid-inspired ad that criticized the government’s lethargic response to the pandemic and riffed on Ronald Reagan’s famous “Morning in America,” angered Donald Trump so much that he lashed out against the group on Twitter. The president’s detractors, in turn, opened up their wallets to fund more of the attacks, ultimately handing over more than $85 million last year. 

One of the most prominent donors: Walmart heiress Christy Walton. She made her first donation, of $20,000, in January 2020, before any other billionaires had given money to the group. She followed that up by handing over another $45,000 by the end of the year. Other billionaires ultimately joined her. Oil heir Gordon Getty donated $1 million, media magnate David Geffen $500,000, and in total a group of about two dozen billionaire tycoons or their spouses $3.3 million. 

Eventually, the others stopped giving. But Walton stayed loyal, giving another $50,000 to the group in May of this year, bringing her total contributions to $115,000. She is the only billionaire who donated to the group after Joe Biden took office in January, according to Federal Election Commission filings that track donations through June. 

The $50,000 gift to The Lincoln Project was her largest donation so far this year. When Walton, who is worth an estimated $8.1 billion, was asked about why she supported The Lincoln Project, she said in an email, “I am passionate about access to voting and a government that serves the people.”

Over the last decade, she has given to candidates including libertarian Gary Johnson, Republican Herman Cain and Democrat Joe Manchin. She has also donated to Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney and to issue-based groups like Planned Parenthood. 

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