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Does Matthew McConaughey believe in ghosts?

Yes, but with some wordsmithery that leaves it open to them only existing in people’s own individual universes.

Does Aaron Rodgers believe in ghosts?


Does Nate Silver believe in ghosts?

He won’t say yes or no. He says the empirical data isn’t there yet, but that they can’t be disproven. He puts a ten percent chance on it because while he acknowledges putting probability labels on things without calculating them is malpractice, he can’t help himself.

Does Olivia Wilde believe in ghosts?

Yes, and she’s afraid they’ll punish her for things she’s done.

Does Florence Pugh believe in ghosts?

Yes, and she hopes they’ll punish Olivia Wilde for things she’s done.

Does Flea believe in ghosts?

Flea believes he is a ghost.

Does Kamala Harris believe in ghosts?

She’s waiting on issue polling, by which I mean she’s waiting on a 38-year-old trust fund baby who went to Oberlin and spends all their time on Twitter to tell her whether kids think ghosts are cool.

Does Matt Gaetz believe in ghosts?

Matt Gaetz wants to **** a ghost.

Does Bud Selig believe in ghosts?

No, but he wishes he did. He just can’t find that same romanticism inside himself anymore. He used to love the thought of them, hanging around, connecting us to the ethereal. Now? Now he thinks the world’s just gone too corporate.

Does Shia LeBouf believe in ghosts?

Shia LeBouf believes Flea is a ghost.

Does Eddie Vedder believe in ghosts?

Beats me.

Does my dad’s buddy Jeff believe in ghosts?

I think so, but I’m not 100% sure I’ve heard him say that.

Did Blackbeard, the famous pirate, believe in ghosts?

Most definitely.

Did Josef Stalin, the famous murderman, believe in ghosts?

He sure didn’t want to.

Did Paul McCartney believe in ghosts?

That would be an interesting wrinkle.

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