Lincoln Project ad depicts Donald Trump ‘big lie’ as ‘cash grab’

The Lincoln Project is mining the House Select Committee on the Jan. 6 attack for material with a new ad taking aim again at the former president for his central role in the Capitol riots that threatened the certification of the presidential election.

The new 60-second spot (“They Knew”) from the group takes issue specifically with the so-called “big lie,” saying it’s nothing more than a “cash grab” for Donald Trump.

“He lost and he knew it,” a narrator intoned. “Everyone around him lied to you but told him the truth.”

Quotes from former Attorney General William Barr and the former President’s daughter Ivanka, lifted from the hearings, back up that narrative, leading to the central contention of the ad.

Trump’s goal, according to the ad? “To rip off his own voters, to steal $250 million from the suckers on his mailing list, and it worked.”

“The biggest con game in political history,” the narrator continued, “and MAGA voters were the suckers that bought it.”

One of the Lincoln Project principals offered context for the new spot.

“Since the night of the election, Donald Trump has known he’s a loser,” said Reed Galen, co-founder of the Lincoln Project.

“He pushed the ‘big lie’ in order to make himself and his family money and didn’t care about what it would mean for democracy. What remains dangerous for the nation is that the same supporters he ripped off will only double down on the big lie. They will continue trying to tear down our free and fair elections. Americans must stand up and fight for the future of the nation before it is too late,” Galen added.

See the new ad below:

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