Cramped Non-AC Dormitory In Allegedly For Freshers

We often hear about how freshers are welcomed in their new colleges, with freshers party, new opportunities and most importantly fresh and clean dorms. But a recent reddit video allegedly from VIT Vellore proved otherwise. Watch the video here. 

One Non-AC dorms for 80 freshers 

In the video, posted by user u/ASHUJHA442004, the cramped situation of a common dorm is clearly visible with bunk beds lined up next to each other. The situation even worsens when you know that the room will be shared by 80 other students. Usually , the dorm rooms are shared on a twin basis, and max to max the room can go to 8 students in one room, but 80! It ought to be a stretch. 

Screengrab Reddit

The video reminded students of Squid Games 

Screengrab Reddit

As soon as the video was shared online on reddit, students were naturally shocked, but they also stated that this dorm strikingly reminds them of the popular show Squid Games where the shows cast was also cramped in on hall on the similar bunk beds. 

“Welcome to Squid Games,” wrote a user. A user further commented, “Red light green light Kab Hai Front seat ke ticket book karne hai,” referring to the show’s concept. Another added, “OP Ali naam ke bande ko dhund sahi khelta hai wo.” 

Screengrab Reddit

Some users were left confused, a user wrote, “Is it temporary refuge? Or permanent settlement?” 

A user reminded themselves to research about the college beforehand before opting for one, as they wrote, “Another day of thanking GOD ki mujhe itna dimaag diya to research about colleges actually and not end up here.”

Would you be able to stay in such a dorm? Tell us in the comments below 

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