Passenger Tries To Break Plane’s Window Kicks Seats

A bizarre video is doing the rounds on social media that shows a passenger onboard Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Peshawar-Dubai PK-283 flight creating a ruckus midflight.

Passenger tries breaking windows to get off flight

The passenger was seen suddenly punching the seats and kicking the aircraft’s window. According to Dawn, the entire incident started when the passenger got into an argument with the flight crew and kept asking them to get him off the aircraft.

man lies down on floor

According to the said video, the passenger started indulging in erratic behaviour. He removed his belongings, lied down on the aisle blocking the passage and started giving Azaan (Islamic call to public prayer) inside the aircraft. 

The flight crew member can be seen trying to calm him down and asking him to notice all the passengers sitting around him. 

The flight attendants were seen asking him to not create problems for everyone else on the flight. 

Watch the video here:

According to ARY News, the man damaged the aircraft’s window by kicking it with force as if trying to break it. For avoiding any escalation in the situation, the passenger was tied to his seat in accordance with aviation law, the media outlet reported citing sources.

Blacklisted by the airlines

Later on, flight protocols were followed by the captain of the flight who contacted the air traffic controller of Dubai and sought security. Upon landing at Dubai airport, the passenger was taken into custody by security officials. 

passenger on flight

The passenger has been blacklisted by the airlines. 

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