Trump latest news today: Donald Trump’s popularity hits new low in poll as he complains FBI shoes ruined Mar-a-Lago carpet

Donald Trump compares his own Senate candidate to Kim Jong-un in bizarre rally speech

Donald Trump lambasted FBI agents for allegedly walking on his bedroom carpet at Mar-a-Lago with their shoes on last month as he returned to his estate in Southern Florida.

The former president also attacked the federal bureau for leaving the scene in a way that meant his Florida home “will never be the same” again, as Axios revealed why his lawyers had chosen Raymond Dearie, a rumoured FBI “skeptic”, as special master in the case brought by the Justice Department against him.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden who attended the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in London on Monday, said over the weekend that the FBI’s discovery of top-secret documents at Mar-a-Lago in August raised concerns that sensitive data was compromised by Mr Trump holding onto hundreds of documents, and called it “irresponsible”.

Mr Trump meanwhile took to the rally stage in Ohio at the weekend and claimed that he invented the word “caravans” to describe groups of migrants as he dubbed them “murderers and rapers” in a rally speech under fire for its apparent association with QAnon.


Protester removed from Trump’s Ohio rally for waving banner blaming him for factory closure

A man was walked out of Donald Trump’s rally in Youngstown, Ohio on Saturday after unfurling a banner that blamed the former president for the closure of a major manufacturing centre.

Chucky Dennison told The Independent in an interview before the event that a personal connection drove him to the rally on Saturday.

John Bowden reported from the event.


Trump remains quiet about Queen’s funeral

Former President Donald Trump has spent the past twelve hours on Truth Social railing against electric cars, the FBI, “fake news” and patting himself on the back after a recent rally, but Queen Elizabeth’s funeral apparently isn’t on his mind.

As of Monday afternoon, Mr Trump hasn’t made any mention of the queen’s funeral. While there is no obligation for him to do so, staying quiet is unusual as he is a former head of state.


Trump: Death penalty for drug dealers and human traffickers ‘very humane’

Donald Trump said that the death penalty for drug dealers and human traffickers is “very humane” during a speech in Youngstown, Ohio.

Speaking on Saturday, the former president said that “much of the crime wave is caused by drug dealers who during the course of their lives, will kill an average of 500 American citizens not to mention the destruction of millions of American families who are so devastated by drugs”.


Poll: Trump’s popularity sinks to new low

A new national NBC News poll finds that while President Joe Biden’s popularity has grown, Donald Trump’s favorability has ticked down to one of the lowest levels of his post-presidency.

According to the poll, 34 per cent have a positive view of the former president, versus 54 per cent who have a negative view (-20).

Mr Trump’s net score is down slightly from August (when it was 36 per cent positive, 54 per cent negative) and May (36 per cent positive, 51 per cent negative), and is at its lowest since April 2021 (32 per cent positive, 55 per cent negative).

By comparison, Mr Biden’s favorability score in the new poll is 42 per cent positive, 47 per cent negative (-5).


Trump claims he invented the word ‘caravans’

Donald Trump claimed that he invented the word “caravans” to describe groups of migrants as he dubbed them “murderers and rapers” in a rally speech in Ohio.

The former president appeared to recount a previous conversation, saying that “you won’t take these horrible convicts and other people that you released into our country illegally and you put them in caravans”.

“I came up with that term by the way,” Mr Trump claimed. “That was my term and fake news and lots of other terms we came up with.”


Trump rages that Ron DeSantis’s Martha’s Vineyard stunt was his ‘idea’

Donald Trump is privately raging at fellow Republican Ron DeSantis over the governor’s decision to authorise flights carrying roughly 50 migrants last week from the southern border to Martha’s Vineyard, Rolling Stone reported.

The Florida governor patted himself on the back over the weekend while delivering a speech in Wisconsin to stump for GOP candidates, announcing that he intended to tap “every penny” from the $12m “Freedom First” budget allocated to the Florida Department of Transportation’s efforts to “transport unauthorised aliens.”


Donald Trump’s supporters raised their fingers in a bizarre straight-arm salute as the former president spoke at a rally in Youngstown, Ohio to boost Republican Senate nominee JD Vance.

As dramatic music played in the background, Mr Trump delved further into the depths of the baseless QAnon conspiracy theory.


Biden flies out of London two hours after end of Queen’s funeral

President Joe Biden departed London’s Stansted Airport en route to Washington, just hours after he joined myriad heads of state and government at Westminster Abbey for the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

Mr Biden, accompanied first lady Jill Biden, boarded Air Force One for the flight to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, with the president’s plane taking off at 9.30 am ET (2.30 pm local time) on Monday. His departure from London came roughly two and a half hours after the end of the late Queen’s funeral service.


Trump gives bizarre, rambling response to Jon Voight in Newsmax interview

Former President Donald Trump gave a rambling response to Jon Voight in an interview on Newsmax.

“We love the country, the country’s in trouble, it’s got to be solved fairly quickly,” he told the former Hollywood actor. “There is no choice but to solve the problem, but it’s a big problem, it’s a big problem… and I hope it continues forward and we love Israel and we hope everything’s going to be OK.”

“A lot of good moves have to be made or it’s not going to be OK. We say god bless you and good luck,” the former president said.

Voight closed out the interview grovelling that he hoped the interview was worthy of Mr Trump.


Trump thanks supporters for Florida greeting

Donald Trump thanked his supporters for greeting him in Florida on Sunday night as he made his return to his Mar-a-Lago home for the first time since the FBI search of the property for classified files.

He wrote on Truth Social: “Thank you to all of the many people who greeted me last night on my way from the Airport to Mar-a-Lago. I will never forget the great people of this Country. MAGA!!!”

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