The dirty politics of Mararaba-Dumne Road

The story I am about to share with you sounds fictitious but it’s true and factual to the best of my knowledge. It began in 1987 when then military president, Major General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, was made to commission the 48KM Dumne-Shelleng road.

Unknown to Gen IBB, what he commissioned was a 3km haphazardly constructed road that was done under 24 hours before his arrival in Gongola State.

33 years later, precisely on May 15, 2020,  Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintir rekindled the hope of the over 200,000 Yungur people when he flagged off the construction of 16.9KM of the 48Km road, a contract awarded to Hydro Source & Resources Limited of 10B, Kano Crescent, Kaduna.

Fast forward to 15 months after that flagged off, the people of Dumne rose in an uproar about the politics surrounding the road and in response, the Facebook handle of the Adamawa State Government wrote ( handle of Aides, newspapers) I quote:

“Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri Wednesday 13th October 2021 has presided over the 8th State Executive Council Meeting 2021 and approved 650 million naira as counterpart funding for the second phase of Mararaba Dumne to Hombo Rural Roads through the Ministry of Rural Infrastructure and Community Development. The meeting was held at Council Chambers, Government House, Yola.”

What followed was some media frenzy with photos and videos of the contractor mobilising to site and an outpouring of accolades on the person of the governor and his Commissioner of Rural Infrastructure by people of Yungur extraction and social media noisome vuvuzelas that the Fintiri media team uses.

Eleven months after, that infatuation reversed itself and tongues started wagging about what is going on.

As usual, spin doctors went about town with photos and videos of work resuming on the site and even thanking those that called the attention of the government.

A childhood friend lost a family member and travelled home for the burial just last weekend and complained to me about the horrible nature of the road.

I did some searching on rural access roads constructed and completed in Adamawa State and happened on the website of the Adamawa State Planning Commission and I saw that the Mararaba Dumne road was captured as COMPLETED ALL.

I made a number of calls and the shoddy explanations and nativist  tone about what happened or didn’t happen had me ripshit for hours. Hey, some even excused it as a federal road!

The government said they have COMPLETED ALL the work which they counter-funded with N650 million, that is N38.46 million per kilometre but those that travelled to Dumne as recently as last weekend said the road is still in bad condition.

Who is lying now? Our government or the people using the roads daily?

What is the government hiding?

If the road costs the people of Adamawa State N650 million or N38.46 million per kilometre, shouldn’t there be an explanation?

An influential senior brother told me he tried to get the details about the funding of the road but the whole thing was shrouded in secrecy.

Is someone using the Mararaba-Dumne road as a conduit for personal aggrandisement as happened in 1987?

This road is a matter of public interest; can the Fintiri Government come clean and be transparent about it?

Are there other roads facing similar issues?

Active citizens’ participation in politics and governance demands we ask these questions and demand answers.

Remember, the governor seeks reelection and I insist he should address these concerns or these and many more are going to form key issues for the coming elections.

  • Calvin Anadio Lawan, a native of Dumne, Song Local Government Area, writes from Yola, Adamawa State

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