Falguni Pathak amplifies calls to sue Neha Kakkar for remixing her song ‘Maine Payal Hai Chhankai’

Singer Falguni Pathak doesn’t seem to be pleased with Neha Kakkar‘s new song ‘O Sajna’, which is a reimagining of the song ‘Maine Payal Hai Chhankai’. Neha debuted the music video for her version earlier this week, much to the annoyance of a certain section of fans, who tagged Falguni on social media and asked her to put her foot down.

Falguni reposted a handful of such comments on Instagram stories. One person asked Neha to use her ‘brain and art to produce original content’ instead of ‘trying to earn money out of a product that’s already available in the market’. The person added, “Sorry to our childhood memories that’s being ruined with this cringe.” Another comment reposted by Falguni read, “Band karo ye paap. Please someone ban these autotune singers and their remakes lol.” A third fan asked Falguni to ‘sue’ Neha. “Like WTF Neha Kakkar, thank you for s**ting again on one of my fave classics,” they added.

Falguni’s repost spree was spotted by fans who shared it on Reddit, where many others joined the conversation. “IStandWithFalguniBen,” one person commented. Another person wrote, “Ye sare fasad ki jadd T-Series hi hai. “Dude, she is really pissed. She has posted 8-10 stories like this.” A third fan commented, “Damn Neha Kakkar for ruining this, this was my favourite one out of that entire bunch.”

A screengrab of the criticism against Neha Kakkar that Falguni Pathak reposted.

Neha Kakkar, her brother Tony Kakkar, and composer Tanishk Bagchi, who is also credited as the brains behind ‘O Sajna’, are frequently blamed for the era of remixes in Hindi music. The trio wasn’t spared even in the comments section of the music video, which features Priyank Sharma and Dhanashree Verma. All the top comments seemed to be siding with Falguni Pathak, who, in fairness, was credited as well.

The original song was released in 1999. Speaking about recreating the song, Neha said in a statement, “I had a blast singing and filming the music video of O Sajna. With the kind of response and love the young audience showered on the teaser yesterday at the college event, I’m overjoyed! It’s fun, energetic, and vibrant and I’m confident people are going to love it.”

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