PM Lee Hsien Loong congratulates new Malaysian PM Anwar Ibrahim, looks forward to working together

After days of uncertainty following the conclusion of the general election in Malaysia, Pakatan Harapan’s Anwar Ibrahim is finally named prime minister. 

World leaders were quick to congratulate him, including Singapore’s Lee Hsien Loong. 

PM Lee said in a letter, “As close neighbours and friends, Singapore and Malaysia should work together to manage these challenges and explore new opportunities for cooperation”.

He mentioned Singapore and Malaysia’s special relationship as neighboring countries, underpinned by “historical ties, multi-faceted cooperation, and strong people-to-people links”.

PM Lee cited the effectiveness of how both countries worked together during the pandemic and how they had supported each other as “steadfast partners” leading to the reopening of borders swiftly. 

“We have also been close partners in ASEAN, which remains central to stability in Southeast Asia amidst rising geopolitical tensions,” he added.

PM Lee also acknowledged the areas both countries have to work on together and said that PM Anwar’s premiership comes during “significant challenges in our regional and global environment”.

He ended the letter stating that he is looking forward to discussing the common issues both countries will face and how they can advance the bilateral relationship – and also wished both the new PM and his wife “good health and happiness”.

PM Anwar’s appointment was confirmed by the Istana Negara on Thursday afternoon and was sworn in later in the evening.

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