Why Republicans can’t win elections

After almost every election, someone will be motivated by the bone-headed Republican strategy to note that the party is not called “the stupid party” for nothing. Election after election, the party national leadership can be found front and center doing something really dumb.

After two years of the Biden presidency, or more accurately … the Biden non-presidency, complete with scandals, riots, wars, FBI raids, inflation, shortages, off-the-wall crazy education nightmares, energy policies that deny reality, and general malaise, the average fourth-grader could have put together a campaign that would have thrown the incumbents out.

Unfortunately for all of us, there may be a reason Republicans are so inept.

The foundation of conservation is the idea that we should “conserve” that which has worked and reject that which has not worked. It is almost an engineer mentality. Engineers typically don’t care much for theories; what they do must work in the real world. Irrespective of what people may think, if A works better than B, then A is better than B.

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Consequently, conservatives generally want a relatively short list of things. Marriage works better than other arrangements. Children raised by two parents have a greater chance of success. Wealth is produced by education and hard work. Freedom from oppression is a positive good. Freedom of expression produces innovation. Government should be as small as possible. Welfare destroys wealth, self-esteem, and innovation. Dependency on governments creates poverty and oppression.

The problem with Republican politicians is fundamental. Thomas Sowell hit it squarely on the head. The first job of a politician, he said, is to get elected; their second job is to stay elected.

Conservative ideals run counter to these two goals. It is in the best interests of politicians to be elected to the biggest, most powerful, and richest government that can be created. This increases the probability of politicians becoming wealthy and powerful.

Republicans claim to want a smaller government, but you notice it never gets smaller. Voters want secure borders, but they don’t get secured. There is too much power and money involved in an open border to actually do something about it. People want less taxes, but after lots of bombast and chest thumping, Republicans spend just like Democrats. Republicans will make lots of noise about this during election cycles, but, in practice, it is a footrace with Democrats to see who can first spend us into oblivion.

Once elected, it is in the best personal interest of a Republican to create a lot of sound and fury and keep their ears to the ground to hear what is a concern to conservatives, but to actually do as little as possible, except, of course, become wealthy and powerful.

Democrats do the same thing, but they are upfront about it. They too want to become powerful and rich, but they do it right to your face, promising to share some of plunder with the voters. Biden and his family have become wealthy and powerful from politics. Yet an overwhelming percent of college students voted for their party. In return, Biden promised to pay off their loans.

The Democrat strategy is simplicity itself. To both donors and voters alike they say, allow me to stay powerful and I’ll share some of the pillage with you.

In coming elections, the smartest strategy a voter might have is to vote for the candidate that both parties demonize.

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