Teacher changes her student’s drawings into soft toys, netizens all praise for her creativity

A teacher who goes beyond the stipulated duties can leave a lasting impact on a student’s life. Now a wholesome deed of a teacher in Australia is winning over netizens after the soft toys that she created for her students are going viral.

Reid Parker, a resident of Melbourne in Australia, recently tweeted about his son’s school teacher who turned her student’s drawings of monsters or imaginary animals into soft toys.

He shared pictures of the drawings along with their quilted or knitted toy versions that were adorably accurate.

The Twitter thread soon went viral with over one lakh likes. Commenting on this, a Twitter user wrote, “I see a teacher who values her students as artists with unique and beautiful conceptions of monster design. Her stuffies affirm every choice the kiddos made from asymmetrical ear sizes to arm shapes. A masterclass in developing a child’s artistry.”

Another person remarked, “Everyone of those kids will remember her and her gift to them. I am almost 80 and few weeks ago had fb chat with grade school classmates abt our favorite teachers. We all had best memories of the same teacher. Kind man who cared about us.”

Many people also enquired if the teacher has an online store or if she will be able to take customised orders. The love that these tweets received prompted Parker to set up a GoFundMe page with a target of 5,000 dollars for the teacher, who wants to remain anonymous.

In the fundraiser page, Parker wrote, “If possible, it would be great if you could donate to a school in your area, but any funds raised here will be sent in full to the teacher to do with as she sees fit.”

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