What Should You Know About Gen Z To Drive Your Business?

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With roughly 68 million members, Gen Z is the first generation to be classified as “digital natives.” They account for 20% of the world’s population. For good reason, many brands sell their products directly to this demographic. So, if you want to target them, learn the essentials of Gen Z that can help you expand your business.

As a 15-year professional in the marketing and advertising industry, I am well aware of the significant impact that each generation can have on the success of a brand or product. Gen Z is known for being highly active on social media and greatly influenced by online content. This group has consistently proven to be a formidable marketing force, with the ability to make news and brands go viral.

Know Your Customer: Gen Z’s Social Media Behavior

Social networking has impacted consumer habits. Gen Z was born with smartphones, so they have a new view of social media and technology. They use social media to get ideas, research products and talk to their favorite businesses. Generation Z cares more than previous generations about what a business has done in the past regarding social justice, the environment and advertising. They value differences in culture, color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, beliefs and body type.

Smartphone apps have become increasingly famous over the past few years, and Gen Z has embraced this trend. Many accept mobile payment methods and wallets like Apple Pay and Android Pay. And mobile apps generate 157% more conversions than mobile web sessions.

Gen Z consumers are also especially interested in augmented reality (AR) buying experiences as well as metaverse-related activities. In fact, in one survey, over 40% of Gen Z participants said they would like to go to a virtual concert with their favorite singers.

How To Connect Your Business With Gen Z

With the rise of Gen Z, brands need to explore appropriate methods for connecting to this market.

Be intentional with your social media strategy and tap into influencer marketing.

Social media can have a crucial influence on shopping. A survey found that 80% of Gen Z consumers have purchased a product they saw on social media. Also, about half of Gen Z shoppers think that social networks are better than online searches for finding new products.

To effectively reach and engage Gen Z through social media, brands and marketers should consider the following strategies:

• Enable shoppable posts on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to make it easy for Gen Z users to purchase products directly from the platform.

• Use hashtags to increase the visibility of brand products on social media and make it easier for Gen Z users to discover and search for them.

• Collaborate with influencers who have a strong following among Gen Z to increase brand awareness and drive sales. This is particularly effective as Gen Z is known for being highly influenced by online content, including influencer marketing.

Gen Z consumers are warier of trusting businesses compared to older generations and tend to place more trust in influencers that they deem to be authentic and relatable. So, consider leveraging not just traditional digital marketing but also influencer marketing, as influencers play a significant role in buying decisions.

When working with an influencer for the first time, it is important to look for someone who has a genuine interest in and alignment with your brand, a highly engaged following, and a strong track record of professional partnerships. Clearly communicate your goals and expectations for the partnership, and be open to feedback and willing to adapt your strategy.

Speak to Gen Z’s needs throughout the user experience.

When targeting Gen Z, avoid generalization at all costs. This generation won’t accept anything less than a more personal, one-on-one marketing experience.

Gen Z also goes through information quickly, so you must ensure your website and content are up to date and use interactive and dynamic elements to catch their attention. E-commerce brands need to have a website that looks good and has a solid online presence. It must include diverse social and cultural elements. For instance, Gen Z is more likely to express interest in purchasing gender-fluid fashion items and apparel that does not conform to their gender identity compared to other generations.

Additionally, Gen Z views purchasing and consumption trends differently than earlier generations. Many prioritize sustainable shopping practices. For a better, more sustainable future and to meet the needs of Gen Z, you must be clear and transparent about how your brand works.

Consider using AR masks.

Augmented reality (AR) purchase experiences are fundamental to Gen Z consumers. At the beginning of 2022, a survey showed that more than 90% of Gen Z people were excited to use augmented reality to see how furniture will look in their new house.

AR assists Gen Z in making better decisions. Brands are using the technology to bring the store to Gen Zers and give them new ways to connect. Most of their choices about what to wear and eat have been affected by how social media has connected them to more people. Makeup, sunglasses and shoes can now be tried on virtually. This thin line between digital and real life provides a sense of authenticity that Gen Z can relate to based on their technological experiences. This demographic will make up a big part of future consumers, and their desire to see something different in ads will make the advertising industry use augmented reality more.

As members of Gen Z start to enter the workforce, businesses need to take a closer look and understand what makes this generation unique. Understanding their spending habits, media consumption, social trends and more can help your business cater to this rising demographic and drive sales in the process. Are you ready for Gen Z?

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