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Twitter has oddly enough become a major platform for some of American history’s most memorable moments. Who could forget the Dr. Oz campaign trail, all of Trump’s brain on display 24/7, or Ted Cruz liking a Pornhub tweet? It’s a bottomless grab bag of history in the making. Since the rise of Trump, the internet seems to have a new nation-defining moment every day. Crazy Ass Moments in American Politics on Twitter is making sure you remember them all. A U.S. history textbook for the shitposting age of politics.

Racking up nearly half a million followers, Crazy Ass Moments in American Politics catalogs the campaign sound bytes, Congressional hearing rants, and Senatorial twitter mishaps that make you wish you lived in Europe. @ampol_moments has their location marked “From sea to shining sea”. Just like the railroads united America before, Crazy Ass Moments unites us all, with some fire memes of our politicians failing us.

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