Netizens miffed at Tanishq for the dull portrayal of Diwali, ad withdrawn

Tanishq Jewellery, which recently came under the fire by social media users for allegedly glorifying love jihad, has been facing criticism yet again for the dull portrayal of Diwali in its new digital ad.

The new ad shows actresses Nimrat Kaur, Nina Gupta, Alaya Furniturewala and Sayani Gupta, all over-loaded with makeup, wearing clothes in pastel shades and telling the audience what they would like to do for Diwali. One actress, wearing some heavy strange orange-brown shade of make-up that makes her face almost unrecognizable, even preaches that everyone should celebrate a cracker-free Diwali.

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Netizens irked at the dull portrayal of Diwali

Popular Twitter user Maya asked Tanishq to fire the ad firm that they hired for the production of the digital ad. “Dear Tanishq, FIRE your ad firm! This looks like a obituary ad, a funeral one not a diwali ad.” She complained about the dull theme that the ad portrayed for the festival of lights.

“How can anybody get a Diwali themed ad so wrong. Why are the women there pretending so much? Wearing dull clothes bad make up? Just bloody enjoy.. wear colourful clothes.. the Tanishq gold looks so bad in the ad. Damn.. pathetic stuff by ekatvam by Tanishq,” Maya emphasised.

Another Twitter user Neerja wrote, “Such a bland diwali ad. No colors, no bindi !!, just plain dull boring monotones… Don’t remember diwali being so boring !! Tasteless ad Tanishq….”

Another user, Ash, pointed out that people do not wear such dull clothes, as shown in the ad, on the occasion of Diwali. “We don’t wear dull colours on Diwali ….we wear bright colours…and we speak in our mother tongue…. we have poojas all 4 days including cow, Dhan Laxmi, Lord Ram, Chopdi pooja …ok … and we don’t call our mothers MUM ….fake angrej (English)…. !!Tanishq…change ur team …dumbs”, she tweeted.

Other Twitter users too complained about the advertisement, resembling a kitty party instead of Diwali, due to the dull attire of the actresses featured in it.

Tanishq earlier promoted love jihad

Earlier, a massive controversy broke out on various social media platforms with users calling for the boycott of the jewellery brand Tanishq for their advertisement. The ad, in question, showcased a Hindu woman married into a Muslim family, preparing for her baby shower. Heeding to criticism, the controversial advertisement was pulled down from YouTube.

The ad was criticised by social media users for trying to paint a rosy picture while the grim reality of the situations faced by non-Muslim women marrying Muslim men. As dozens of cases of forced conversions and kidnap of minors by older Muslim men are reported across the country, the ad faced criticism for promoting such unions.

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