This website generates videos from a single image and text for free – here’s all you need to know

  • Israel-based AI company D-DI has made a significant leap in the field of AI-generated videos – allowing users to add better facial expressions and hand movement, features not offered by the current players.
  • To generate the video, the company’s AI-based algorithms use your preference and the parameters set by you such as language, expression and hand movements.
  • The company aims to target the corporate and educational sectors.

The Israel-based AI company D-DI has launched a new platform ‘
Creative Reality Studio’, where users can upload a single image and type a text to generate a video. With this all-new tech, the AI company is targeting the education sector and corporates for internal and external communication. According to the company, this tech can be used for product marketing and sales.

The platform is pretty simple to use – users have to sign-up using their email address or they can log in via a Google or LinkedIn account. Once logged in, you need to just upload an image or select one from a pre-created list to start the video creation process.

Also, the company offers access to premium features where you can add better facial expressions along with hand movement, which is not offered by any other players currently. Once the photo is uploaded, the user can type the text or just upload an audio clip of the speech. You can choose among 119 available language options, voice, and styles like sad, cheerful, friendly and excited.

To generate the video, the company’s AI-based algorithms use your preference and the parameters set by you such as language, expression and hand movements.

With such tech, the creation of offensive deep fake videos is a big risk. To cope with such challenges, the company has put some effective guardrails like filtration of racist remarks and abusive words. Also, the company has used an image recognition system to avoid the usage of famous people’s faces. To weed out sexual remarks and offensive language, D-DI uses Microsoft Azure text moderation.

The company also says that the platform prohibits users from creating political videos. In case of a violation of any rule, the company can suspend the violator’s account and remove the video from the library.

Pricing and plans

Currently, users can sign up for free for a 14-day trial account and create a video of up to 5 minutes (720p). After that, the user has to pay $49 a month to have access to AI-generated video of up to 15 minutes.

The company will face competition from Soul Machines and These companies also claim to generate videos from a single image.

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