The role of social workers in improving Indonesia’s social welfare – Thu, January 12 2023

Jemima Utami (The Jakarta Post)


Toronto, Canada   ●  
Thu, January 12 2023

Developed countries are known for the concept of the welfare state. Countries that adhere to this ideology believe in a welfare system in which the government is obligated to provide comprehensive and universal welfare for its citizens. Throughout history, they dedicate their gross domestic product spending to social welfare programs and community assistance with the help of social workers.

Countries like Canada, which ranked among the top 10 countries in the world for best quality of life in 2022, have a strong social safety net to ensure that people are cared for through access to health care and education. It has a well-established system for wellness and basic necessities, as the government provides the facility for individuals to care for society.

The Canadian system provides security for pensions, people with disabilities and a support system for people with specific life problems, such as divorce, health conditions, domestic violence, marginalization, gerontology, as well as other facilities for people in need of welfare. Its healthcare access and its programs for mental health and people with disabilities are the initiatives that brought them to be a first-world country.

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