Compare them: Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy

I‘m one of those who believed that Joe Biden should not run in 2024. But I’m beginning to change my mind.

Biden acts more presidential than any bomb-throwing petty and nasty would-be Republican candidates, such as our petulant and authoritarian governor. Biden’s speech outlining his proposal for new immigration procedures and legislation made sense. He again proved that his commitment to take on many of the nation’s most pressing problems (infrastructure, health care and drug costs, financial assistance to businesses and citizens because of COVID, climate and environmental legislation) was not a pack of campaign promises.

I contrast that with the two-ring circus conducted by House Republicans before giving lightweight Kevin McCarthy his much-coveted speakership. Every Republican who rose to nominate him ad nauseam claimed he can lead a slim majority that has proven to be not just dysfunctional but self-destructive.

McCarthy has proven he can’t work with Democrats. He never has. So how will a McCarthy-led House achieve anything without agreement from Democrats in the Senate, and the White House? He is the problem. He can never be the solution to the chaos and disrespect that Americans have for Congress. Because he’s disliked and mistrusted by many in his own party, he’ll have to make crazy deals with crazies in his party in exchange for their votes.

David Kahn,. Boca Raton

As an independent voter not affiliated with either party, I have to laugh at the intellectual dishonesty by those on the far right.

First, the former president lost. The Big Lie was introduced prior to the election, repeated over and over with zero evidence and laughed out of court, even by several judges appointed by the former president. The Jan. 6th committee findings were garnered through interviews and depositions from Republicans close to the former president and various schemes to overturn the election were brought to light by his most voracious supporters.

None of this matters to those glued to Republican media outlets, which day after day continually pound conspiracy theories to those willing to believe the lies while ignoring all actual evidence. The folks at Fox News are even afforded daily communication with the former president himself. I’m quite sure the latest fiasco, involving Kevin McCarthy’s election, will be blamed on Hunter’s laptop or something Barack Obama said 15 years ago.

Ken Harrington, Boca Raton

The letter of Jan. 13th by Alanna Mersinger regarding conservatives and colleges is so wrong.

If you look at almost all colleges today, they are run and taught by extreme liberals, so it’s about time that things even out. As far as free thinking, what you actually mean is thinking the way you do. Most conservatives I know consider all sides before they form an opinion.

Dennis Lamb, Pembroke Pines

Gov. DeSantis made The New York Times.

Did he make it for being a great leader for all Floridians? For protecting Floridians during the pandemic? For treating all Floridians the same regardless of race, creed, religion or sexual orientation? For his openness in how he spent millions flying legal asylum-seekers from Texas to Florida to Massachusetts? No.

He made it for his ability to run from any press members who aren’t his right wing, salivating minions and shouting down those who dare question the Man Who Would Be King. Florida’s “Top Guv” almost has the speed of Maverick. But running away from conflict is not confronting it.

Ray Belongie, Sunrise

Let’s be reminded of the historic words of Abraham Lincoln: “Government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth.”

Our governor is attempting to establish his own variation: Government of DeSantis, by DeSantis and for DeSantis. Hopefully, his attempt will perish from the earth.

Bill Blakesberg, Boca Raton

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