Young people care deeply about politics (even if they can’t get excited about the election)

Gursewak Singh is 21, and cares deeply about the outcome of this federal election. But when the student from Melbourne overhears snippets of conversation around his Monash University campus, he gets the feeling that not all his peers feel the same.

“Young people sometimes don’t really know the differences between the different political parties,” says Gursewak.

A Youth Affairs Council Victoria member who is also part of a political club at uni, he says some young Australians believe “there’s no difference between one or the other, or whether they’re in government or not. I sort of have to correct them.”

Not caring about politics is sort of ‘in’ right now among some pockets of young people. It does have an edgy vibe to it.

It’s often been said the youth of today just aren’t as interested in politics as preceding generations.

Gursewak Singh, 21, is engaged with politics — but he says many young people feel politics doesn’t serve them.()

It’s true that 18 to 24-year-olds have the lowest voter enrolment rate of all age groups, and almost one third of Aussies at this age say they wouldn’t have voted at the last election if it wasn’t compulsory.

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