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After reading about the new billboard on Route 422, my initial response was to simply ignore it. However, Mr. Placek’s response that no one has complained made me realize that he took silence as approval. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Mr. Placek wants our country to return “Christian Values” to our society and schools. Doesn’t he realize our Constitution forbids a national religion because of separation of church and state? He is free to be a Christian, just as I am free to participate in any religion I want. What neither of us can do is force our beliefs on others, especially in our tax-payer funded public schools.

As for Critical Race Theory, does Mr. Placek realize that only colleges have ever broached this subject? And does he also realize that CRT is actually the study of how slavery and racism continue to affect our country today?

Comparing the FBI to Nazis and the Gestapo is also ludicrous. The Gestapo was among those responsible for genocide during World War II. This certainly did not occur during the Black Lives Matter protests. While there were many arrests during the protests, 93% were peaceful, and obviously none of this has anything to do with women’s health care. So what in the world is going on here?

He is right about one thing: There is definitely a conspiracy to destroy our democracy. This is why parents don’t want their children reading his hateful messages on their way to school.

Connie Fleeger, Butler

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