Joe Biden Is Annoying Everyone in “Animal Crossing” (17 Pics) – Funny Gallery

The year is 2028. Donald Trump is running for a fourth term and preparing to virtually debate Democratic nominee Dr. Logan Paul in a live stream event hosted in Grand Theft Auto 5. The winner will be crowned President.

All jokes aside, this is how some people are worried about Joe Biden’s campaign creating some virtual campaign signs for players to put in their yards in Animal Crossing.

For a game that’s actually quite boring, Animal Crossing has become a major platform for political and social activism. PETA, AOC, and Trump have all appeared in one form or another.

In response, many people are just feeling tired of seeing political ads everywhere they go. But an inherently social game like AC is a natural hot spot for campaigning.

The only game that would benefit from the addition of politicized merchandise is Mortal Kombat, because then you’d at least get to decapitate anyone who opposes you. Unfortunately it’s unclear if Warner Bros. approves of that idea.

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