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Physical 100 season 1 introduced viewers to Hyunjun Seok, otherwise known as his online persona Tarzan, an impressive athlete with a social media presence on sites like YouTube and Instagram. Tarzan entered the game as an established travel vlogger, whose YouTube channel boasts a total of 147K subscribers as he documents his journeys around the world. On Physical 100, Tarzan stood out as an intimidating player early on, earning him a team captain position selected from votes made by the other players.


Despite excelling for the first several challenges, Tarzan was eventually eliminated on the third quest, where teams had to build an unsteady bridge. Then, they were required to haul bags of sand across the course faster than their opponents. Despite Tarzan not winning Physical 100, his online presence continues to thrive. Tarzan‘s Instagram account, currently with 126K followers, is updated frequently as the star travels, exercises, and manages his brand.

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5 Tarzan Hanging Out With Physical 100 Cast Mates

After being eliminated on Physical 100, most competitors spoke about being grateful to meet other athletes and form bonds through competition. Tarzan clearly shared the sentiment, because on February 9, he posted a picture of himself and several of his Physical 100 teammates including Jeong Yun Lim, Bang Seong Hyeok, Euddeum Shim, and Jin Hyeong Jo. The group looked happy to be reunited, and Tarzan captioned the picture with “Familia,” indicating the strong bond between the players.

The post confirms that Tarzan and other competitors formed close friendships and truly benefited from their time on Physical 100. It seems that despite the show only crowning one winner, the camaraderie and respect between the players have outlasted the game itself. While this sort of relationship after filming is complete isn’t completely unexpected in the genre of reality competition television, it’s still nice to see.

4 Tarzan’s Physical 100 Announcement Post

Ahead of the Physical 100 season 1 premiere on Netflix, Tarzan posted his first official announcement confirming his appearance on the show. The post showed a short promotional clip for Physical 100, introducing viewers to Tarzan and showing off his signature long hair. Fans and followers flooded Tarzan’s comment section, with many excitedly confirming that they would be checking out the show specifically to see Tarzan perform. One comment read, “Wow this show looks like it’s gonna be intense, this is gonna make you a star in the USA!”

Tarzan did indeed manage to stand out even amid the large Physical 100 cast, so the user’s comment could well come to fruition. At the very least, Tarzan has now broken into the U.S. and raised his profile worldwide as well. Considering the number of viewers who have already watched Physical 100, it stands to reason Tarzan could see some exciting career opportunities come his way as a result of the show if he hasn’t already.


When he’s not appearing on television or documenting his travels, Tarzan also runs FITNESSPARADISE, a clothing brand focused around active wear and promoting healthy lifestyles. Tarzan took to Instagram to promote the brand and announce a new drop, including a hoodie with one of the company’s slogans, “We stay healthy” on the back. Not only does Tarzan promote and design the products, but he also puts his modeling skills to work on behalf of the brand. He showcases the merchandise on the official FITNESSPARADISE Instagram page, which is linked to Tarzan’s personal account.

While it’s hard to know for sure, it’s entirely possible Tarzan’s clothing brand has experienced a bump resulting from his appearance on Physical 100. While it may not have been the reason he went on the show, it’s hard to imagine the athlete complaining about more eyes on his company and its products, especially if it winds up leading to an increase in sales.

2 Physical 100’s Tarzan’s Trip To The USA

Tarzan’s occupation as a travel vlogger takes him all over the globe, including a trip in 2021 to California. Among the several pictures from the trip posted on his account, the photo Tarzan took of himself posing in front of a Denny’s stands out as a memorable instance of the star enjoying some uniquely American experiences. Tarzan’s caption reads, “Not bad,” with an affirmative emoji that seems to confirm he approved of the restaurant chain. The athlete’s excitement is a fun reminder of why he constantly journeys around the world.

While some of the other Physical 100 contestants may not have such an active presence on social media, Tarzan’s vlogs make it easy for viewers who enjoyed his time on the show to keep up with him afterward. Hopefully, Tarzan will continue to share his adventures with his followers going forward.

1 Physical 100’s Tarzan Gives Followers A Look Into His Modeling Career

Long before his appearance on Physical 100, Tarzan was already making a name for himself in the modeling industry. In an April 2021 post, Tarzan gave his followers a glimpse into his work as a model, showing off the process of sitting for make-up during a shoot. Throughout the rest of his Instagram profile, Tarzan has posted countless photo shoots he’s completed for active wear brands, including a feature in Men’s Health Korea. Tarzan’s posts offer rare, behind-the-scenes glimpses at the daily routine of a model.

It’s clear from his varied social media presence that Tarzan has a lot of ventures outside of Physical 100. His Instagram page and YouTube channel offer the show’s viewers an inside look at his life away from the show, painting a fuller picture of who he really is and his many interests. While it’s hard to say if Tarzan or any of the other previous Physical 100 contestants would be involved in a potential season 2, many viewers are likely rooting for his return.

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Source: Jun Tarzan/Instagram, FITNESSPARADISE/Instagram

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