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You season 4 on Netflix has finally drawn to a close, with part two of Jonathan Moore/Joe Goldberg’s story landing on the streaming platform. But if you’ve been feeling a bit like ‘WTF just happened?’, allow us to explain the You season 4 part 2 ending to you.


How did You season 4 part 1 end?

In case you need a recap, the murderous Joe Goldberg has relocated to London for series four, and transformed himself into university professor Jonathan Moore. In Part 1, Joe/Jonathan insists he’s left the killing/stalking/general bad vibes behind, and instead is living life as peacefully as possible.

That is, until the Eat The Rich Killer begins to haunt his life, and his new friends, colleagues and acquaintances start to turn up dead around him. The end of You season 4 part 1 sees Joe accused of being the killer by Roald, during a countryside getaway at Kate’s family estate.

Things take a turn when Rhys Montrose, the mega successful author and London mayoral candidate, appears and kidnaps them both, revealing himself to be the Eat The Rich Killer.

One of the final scenes, set in a dark dungeon, sees Rhys explaining his motives for the killings to Joe, before he sets the place on fire, attempting to kill both Joe and Roald. Kate comes to the rescue and saves them both. The episode then cuts to Joe sat at home watching Rhys on telly, trying to figure out how to stop his murderous ways.

Netflix’s You season 4 part 2 ending explained

Trigger warning: Contains descriptions of suicide

*MASSIVE SPOILERS* The next batch of episodes, which dropped on Netflix on 9th March, take fans on a real ride. The biggest discovery of all is, of course, that Rhys Montrose is actually a figment of Joe Goldberg’s imagination. Well, not quite – the author does actually exist, but it’s very much not the Eat The Rich Killer, and he has never had a proper 1-to-1 interaction with Joe like we’re led to believe in season four part one.

Instead, Joe is actually projecting the most evil part of himself onto Rhys, and instead the Rhys who talks to him is very much a figment of his imagination. Once you’ve got your head around that, You season 4 part 2 begins to make a bit more sense. So, how does it end?

What happens to Marienne at the end of You season 4?


Despite barely appearing in the first five episodes of You season 4, fans were shocked to discover Joe actually had Marienne trapped in his glass cage in London. He’d been keeping her hostage ever since following her to Paris. Once Nadia discovered her, the pair hatched a plan to set Marienne free.

Nadia supplied Marienne with beta blockers to make it look like she had killed herself by taking an overdose on pills, leaving Joe a fake suicide note in the cage. Once Joe thought she was dead, he took her body to a nearby park, to make it look like she was a drug addict who had accidentally overdosed. Nadia was lurking behind a tree nearby, ready to inject Marienne with something like an adrenalin shot to bring her back to life.

The final episode sees Marienne happily reunited with her daughter Julliette in Paris, where they seemingly get to live their happily ever after.


What happened to Nadia at the end of You season 4?

what happened at the end of you season 4 part 2


So, Marienne managed to get her happy ending, but did Nadia? Er, sadly no. After Nadia realised what Joe was doing to Marienne, she wanted to try and prove he was responsible for the rest of the Each The Rich killings, as well as his dark past.

So, alongside boyfriend Edward, Nadia snuck into Joe’s London apartment to take photos of the evidence she could find, ready to take it to the police. The only problem? Joe was very much onto her.

When Nadia came out of his house, Edward was nowhere to be seen, and she bumped into Joe in the street. He takes her phone, deletes the evidence, and then pushes her onto the floor, where she finds Edward’s dead body. “Give me your hand,” Joe tells her, before putting a knife in it.

“Nadia. Tell them all about me and no one’s going to believe you,” Joe threatens her, before explaining he had pinned Rhys’ murder on her boyfriend Edward (the motive? We’re not sure), before pinning Edward’s murder on her. “There’s gonna be a box found in your bedroom by the police. Rhy Montrose’s things. Anonymous tipster. They’ll realise it was Eddie. That’s why you killed him. You have so many gifts. I’m looking forward to watching what you do next.”

Joe’s voiceover then reveals that Nadia refused to speak out to defend herself, and was currently in prison. Noooo.

Where is Joe Goldberg / Jonathan Moore at the end of You season 4?

netflix's you season 4 part 2 ending explained


The final episode of You season 4 sees Joe murdering Kate’s father in his airport hanger, in retaliation to the control he still holds over Kate’s life. We then join Joe and Rhys, who we now know is the figment of his imagination, on a bridge, where Joe throws his phone over the side, before jumping off, attempting to kill himself when he realising he despises himself.

When Joe wakes up, he’s in a hospital bed, and Rhys is nowhere to be seen. Does this mean he’s managed to remove himself from his darkest thoughts? Arguably not. Kate then joins him at his bedside. “To start. My name is Joe Goldberg,” he tells her, before the screen fades to black – suggesting Joe confesses everything about his dark past to Kate.

We then join the pair in a high rise luxury apartment in New York City, where Kate and Joe are being interviewed for a posh magazine profile about their Art Foundation, seemingly living a happy and successful life looking after her father’s company.

“Turns out, you can come home again,” Joe’s voiceover finishes. “All you need is Kate, plus a cybersecurity team, a squadron of publicists and [pr] Cynthia. Scrub search results, hack news archives, bribe the Madre Linda chief of police, all to support the simple, true story of Joe Goldberg.”

Surprise! Joe Goldberg never rehabilitated. He’s as dark and evil as ever.


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