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On March 9, popular video game Fortnite took to Twitter to announce their latest Gunslinger Smokeshow Emote featuring BTS’ Suga and PSY’s That That choreography and music.

The Gunslinger Smokeshow Emote is in the Shop!

Break it down with moves by BB Trippin Dance Group and music from PSY “That That (prod. & feat. SUGA of BTS).”

BTS’ Suga and PSY collaborated for the first time for the latter’s eighth studio album, Psy 9th, and composed the song That That together. The music video was well received by fans, who went berserk over the duo’s dance moves and upbeat lyrics.

On the day Fortnite announced the Smokeshow Emote, ARMYs were occupied with celebrating the birthday of BTS’ Suga and upon stumbling on the latest feature added by the popular video game, one fan tweeted:

they added a “that that” emote to the fortnite store ahead of yoongi’s birthday??!? HELLO?!???? NOBODY SAID ANYTHING


“FOUND THE ARMY LMAO”: Netizens can’t get enough of the new emote whose dance moves matches BTS’ Suga and Psy’s That That choreography

Previously, Fortnite has added BTS’ hit English single Dynamite and since then ARMYs can’t get enough of it. While many were busy celebrating Suga’s birthday, those who are into Fortnite games soon discovered that its newest dance moves resemble that of That That choreography.

Soon, the fandom started purchasing the new emote. One fan even stated that when they did That That emote in the lobby, someone else responded to them with a Dynamite emote, thus convincing both the players that they are ARMYS.

Some fans even purchased the emote as soon as possible because of Suga, while other felt that the aforementioned news has been neglected by many as there’s so much going on in the BTS’ fandom — the solos of different members, announcements of various collaborations, and more. Take a look at how fans are reacting to the recent news:

I just did the emote in the lobby and somebody did a dynamite emote back at me, FOUND THE ARMY LMAO

@jincheonairport I bought it immediately and played as meoskulls in honor of yoongi 🥰
@jincheonairport I DID MENTION IT BUT EVERYONE WAS DISTRACTED HAHAHHA it’s been chaotic lately
I don’t play but now I’m interesteDdd…

they added a “that that” emote to the fortnite store ahead of yoongi’s birthday??!? HELLO?!???? NOBODY SAID ANYTHING


Developed by Epic Games and released in 2017, Fortnite is available in three game model versions. Different genres of the game include third-person shooters, adventure games, battle royale games, sandboxes, and more.

The game can be played on many well-known platforms including PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Cloud Gaming, GeForce, and more.

‘Dynamite’ MV (Choreography ver.) 공개까지 D-2!
포트나이트에서 이모트를 통해 ‘Dynamite’ 춤을 추며 즐길 준비 되셨나요~?

Cos ah ah
I’m in the stars tonight

Join the Party Royale:
#BTS #방탄소년단 #DynaNite

The game is known for holding concerts within its game mode called Fornite: Party Royale, which also featured BTS’ Dynamite which made fans go gaga over playing it. The concert mode of the game previously featured Ariana Grande’s songs including Be Alright, Rings, and others.

The game also featured songs from other artists including Juice WRLD & Marshmello, Wolfmother, Sia, Diplo, and others.

More about BTS’ Suga and PSY

PSY and BTS’ Suga That That has been a major hit and extended its own record at the time of its release in 2022 as the longest charting song on Billboard Global 200 by any Korean soloist for ten consecutive weeks.

BTS’ Suga is the main rapper of the seven-member group and was recently in news for his upcoming first ever solo tour that will embark on April 26 in the United States and will conclude on June 3, marking Japan as his final destination for the concert. The idol recently became a brand ambassador for luxury fashion house Valentino.

Meanwhile, PSY, internationally famous for the hit song Gangnam Style and its upbeat dance steps, is widely popular in South Korea for his music videos and songs. He is considered one of the most respected people in the K-pop industry, having talent in the field of rapping, songwriting, and producing songs simultaneously.

While BTS’ Suga gears up for his upcoming solo tour and mandatory military service, PSY is reportedly to perform with the actor and idol Rain on April 8 in Singapore to celebrate the three-day anniversary event of the Marquee.

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