’People have died’: Influencer trend blasted



Influencers love to show off their bodies in a bikini at popular water holes across the country but it certainly doesn’t come without criticism.


Social media users have been busy pointing out that some of the expeditions require a certain level, of well physical prowess, Escape reports.

Though they make some good points (if you’re canyoning you should obviously take more than a bikini and an iPhone), it’s also true than this generation is more at risk of hunched backs and crook necks than rivers, whirlpools and cliffs.

Take this video by Chloe Barry-Hang.

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The video shows followers how to get to the Dalpura Canyon and Jinki Ridge loop.

It advises viewers to download the All Trails map of the route and ensure it works without signal.

The video continues: “So make sure you feel comfortable hiking this type of terrain. I would not suggest it for someone that’s not more of an advanced hiker. It’s not super difficult but there are parts where you have to rock climb/crawl swim etc. and again depends on rainfall.”

Many social media users were impressed.
Others, however, shared safety concerns.
One social media user called Nathan, wrote: “Heaps of leeches and super dangerous if it’s rained. Multiple people have died in this exact area.”
Another had this damper: “Always bring a Personal Locator Beacon, whistle, first aid kit, extra water and extra snacks.”“Would not suggest doing this hike if there’s any hint of rain,” a TikTok user called @potate added.


A snap of the video by @chloebarryhang that has received a backlash.

Another said: “You tried to rock climb a canyon? They are for abseiling. If you are influencing people at least do the right things by bringing the right gear.”
Another chimed in: “OMG I am looking at how unprepared you and your party are for any accident and you’re giving instructions to others. Please don’t.” Chloe responded to this: “If I didn’t give instructions they would say I am gatekeeping. Lol you can’t win.”

ore aggrieved comments included: “Please don’t post this for the idiots on TikTok to see. This is for experienced hikers and canyoners only!”

This article contains features which are only available in the web versionTake me there

On another video of the same canyon by @naturalattractionsnsw, a commenter wrote: “I went canyoning once in winter and a snake crawled up my classmate’s vest while we were swimming. Don’t know why you would risk this in summer.”

Many others loved the videos, however, writing comments like “this looks so fun” and tagging their friends with the intention of doing the hike.

Two women tragically died doing the nearby Wollangambe Canyon as part of a walking group in 2021, when the first got stuck in a whirlpool and the second attempted to rescue her, so perhaps the call for safety to be front of mind is understandable.


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