5 skincare trends that will surely be a conversation-starter this year

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Skincare trends come and go, and here are some that are on the uptrend in 2023. Products for skincare are always evolving to suit the consumers’ needs best. With the beauty community growing, it is only given that there are new skincare trends in the market.


The beauty industry has seen a major shift from topical treatments to an inside-out approach to skincare as the years go by. Celebrities and influencers have emphasized how our lifestyle hugely affects our skin health. A good night’s sleep, having healthy food, and getting some form of exercise daily plays a bigger role than what we previously believed.

From preventative skincare to maintaining a healthy skin barrier, 2023 is all about nourishing the skin from the inside out. With these skincare trends, one is bound to achieve radiant skin from head to toe.

Skincare trends that are the talk of the town in 2023

1) Skincare for the body

The beauty industry has always put more emphasis on facial skin. For smoother makeup applications, brands have developed numerous products that help maintain our facial skin. However, we are seeing a rising trend of taking the body just as seriously as the face.

The beauty market has started to see an in-flow of products for the body that goes beyond the basic body lotion. Tried and tested ingredients for our facial skin are now being incorporated into body care. Niacinamide, clay, and retinol are some of those ingredients.

We are also seeing targeted solutions enter the market for skin issues individuals face below the neck. People can now find shower gels that help with body acne, skin-balancing hand creams to help maintain the moisture barrier, and body serums for hydration. This skincare trend has come as a blessing for those who suffer from skin issues on their body.

2) At-home devices for advanced skincare

Skincare appliances have been in the beauty market for some time now, and they continue to evolve. This trend has introduced us to at-home laser therapy, microcurrent therapy, and even microneedling.

The devices allow users to space out their in-office treatments a little further apart. These skin treatments were exclusively available as in-office treatments earlier. However, they have not only made skin treatments more accessible but have also made it easier for people in a time crunch.

Some common appliances that users tend to go for are LED masks, sculpting microcurrent massagers, and devices that help with a better infusion of skincare products.


3) Focus on maintaining a healthy skin barrier

There was a time when being harsh with the skin was the way to go for skin issues like breakouts and acne. However, now we know better and use a targeted treatment instead. This skincare trend focuses on the skin barrier and how to maintain it at its best to prevent further aggravating the skin.

With the wide usage of retinol and other active ingredients, there are times when people tend to go overboard and end up stripping their skin. It is crucial to hold off on the actives when the skin barrier is already compromised.

This trend encourages moisturization and the usage of sunscreen when the skin barrier is healing. The use of ceramides, peptides, and other ingredients that will help revitalize the skin microbiome is emphasized here.

4) Holistic skin health that goes beyond the skin

Our skin condition often reflects our mental and physical health. This skincare trend takes a holistic approach to skin health. We are seeing beauty influencers focus on the food and exercise aspect of the skin just as much as having a skincare routine and following it diligently.

There has been a growing interest in lymphatic drainage and its role in our skin health. Guasha, dry brushing, and regular massages are being encouraged to promote lymph drainage. This is done daily to help reduce puffiness and provide the face with an inner glow that goes beyond skincare.

All these methods also play into self-care and promoting mental well-being. Stress and anxiety wreak havoc on our skin, and these practices are a good way to wrap up a busy day and unplug ourselves from work.

5) Preventative skincare over curing an issue after it occurs

Millenials come from experience when they say prevention is key. From drying out our faces due to acne to being unaware of the importance of sunscreen, millennials now regret the many decisions they made during their teens.


However, Gen Z has learned from their mistakes, which is why their skincare mantra has been to prioritize prevention over cure from an early age. This skincare trend is all about wearing your sunscreen from a young age, being gentle with your teen skin, and incorporating retinol in the mid 20s.

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