The Unlikely Way Elyse Myers Became The TikTok Version Of Keanu Reeves



First there were the days of Vines. Then came YouTube. Now, there’s TikTok, and countless TikTokers have found incredible fame thanks to the video platform. One such TikToker is Elyse Myers, whose content began earning so much money that she was able to pursue content creation as a full-time gig, after supporting her husband through his career dreams.


She hasn’t been famous for long, but Elyse Myers is a name in everyone’s browser at this point; who is she, and how did she become famous?


Why Is Elyse Myers Famous?


The short answer is that Elyse Myers, like many other content creators, found a niche on TikTok and wedged herself into it. It’s not quite that simple, though.

Elyse is widely beloved by nearly everyone, and despite some critics cluttering up her comments section with drama, there’s always a rush of fans who defend Myers against what they feel are unjust criticisms.

She’s become the Keanu Reeves of TikTok: a prized human whose goodness knows no bounds (and who keeps their hands to themselves when meeting fans), but who sometimes needs a bit of protection from people who want to drag her down.

Elyse’s content regularly racks up millions of views per video; her not-a-pregnancy-announcement (a video that came after the actual pregnancy announcement, which some fans apparently missed) garnered 12 million views within a week of being posted.

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But one of the great things about Myers’ channel is that she doesn’t focus solely on one subject. Sure, she posts uplifting content to encourage her viewers, but she also posts plenty of personal stories that are often self-deprecating. It’s that combination of humbleness, pure talent, and of course, a sense of humor, that seems to attract fans.

It might have taken people some time to get to know Elyse when she first came on the scene, but now, her followers are growing by the day, and people can’t get enough.

What Video Made Elyse Myers Famous?

In an amusing twist, Elyse Myers’ Taco Bell video was the first to catapult her onto TikTok users’ “for you” pages. In an exposé on their hometown hero, Omaha World-Herald recapped Elyse’s first video, which was her retelling of the story of her first date.

Long story short, her date ordered 100 tacos at the drive-thru at Taco Bell, then claimed he’d forgotten his wallet, leaving Elyse with the bill. After securing their bounty, they went to her date’s house, where his dad took some tacos and then invited Elyse to see his “studio.”

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She noped out of there, but the story stuck—and earned her a few million followers.

When the Omaha World-Herald published its story on Myers in November 2022, she had 5.8 followers on TikTok. By January 2023, that number had climbed to 6.3 million and shows no signs of slowing down.


While the Taco Bell date was a gem out of the gate, followers have clearly grown to love Elyse’s mix of storytelling (always prefaced with a recap of the story in question format, then “Great question. I would love to tell you.”) plus her musical talent.

In addition to funny and relatable content, Elyse also posts herself playing music, dueting with followers, and even displaying some of her anxious habits. While other TikTokers might focus on inclusion and diversity in makeup like Golloria George or hair like Sophie Hannah, Elyse does a little bit of everything—and seemingly a lot of good.

She also just makes people laugh.

Myers didn’t set out to become TikTok (or YouTube) famous, but she’s grateful for the platform she’s been given, she told Omaha World-Herald.

It was never the intention at all to have people know who I was from this, I’ve just seen so much power and so much community in sharing the funny and not-so-funny moments that happen in your life.

Elyse elaborated on her channel’s focus, saying, “I think the best thing for me is to understand that people are going to get me — all of me, all the things of me.”

Was Elyse Myers On The Bachelor?

Elyse Myers Bachelor spoof


Hilariously, after Elyse’s many videos spoofing The Bachelor, people got a bit confused. Myers’ Bachelor-themed videos feature her green-screened into scenes from the show, where she pretends to interact with both the bachelor and the other ladies vying for his attention.

In truth, Elyse was never on The Bachelor, but her funny videos aside, there’s another reason why people might think she did appear on the show: someone else with the same name competed for love on the series.

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Elyse Sherard (née Myers) was on season 16 of The Bachelor, but she didn’t win the leading hunk’s heart, getting eliminated in the fifth week.

TikTok’s favorite Elyse, however, continues to spoof the series, which she clearly enjoys watching but would never actually appear on.


Elyse has been happily married to her husband Jonas for a while now, and the two announced their second pregnancy in early 2023 with, of course, a handful of TikTok videos.

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