Restaurant’s insane worker demands caught in funny video by TikTok user Abbey



It starts off reasonably enough, listing its advantages as a workplace and the expectations of its workers — but this restaurant job advertisement then quickly goes off.


One of its conditions of employment basically states: Need not apply if you are “unable to accept the fact that you get paid to work”.

The US eatery put its rant-style employment ad on Craiglist, where it was quickly picked up by TikTok user Abbey.

“This is the most insane ad for a server at a restaurant that I’ve ever seen and it just made my day,” Abbey posted in a video.

She tells how it starts off “normal”, describing the establishment — which is never mentioned — as a “fast-paced unique bar restaurant”.

But the ad quickly boils over, with Abbey reading the jobs requirements: “You will not last if you want to score social points with the cute patron by giving away food and beverage on our dime, with our inventory.

“Do not apply if you’ll think you need nights off because your grandma poisoned you with her ham, again.”

Camera IconHave fun in her video. Credit: TikTok@.desertrat

And the list of job requirements doesn’t end there.


Those with an “inability to handle skilful sarcasm, have no alarm clock, tend to oversleep and call in sick if they’ve partied the night before should not apply for the job”.

And you also need not apply if you “have to give friends rides to work later than we start work, call out sick with an excuse because you partied too hard the night before your shift, experience flat tires every week and suddenly become deathly ill on Coachella and Splash House weekends”.

The restaurant’s list went on, with Abbey reading: Waiters with “trauma drama syndrome”, those with “big egos” and “grumpy introverts” should stay away.

Camera IconAbbey on TikTok. Credit: TikTok@.desertrat

She added: “Individuals unable to accept the fact that you get paid to work, need not apply.”

Abbey ends her video with: “This sounds like an amazing place to work, doesn’t it?”


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