TikTok ‘pink sister vs. purple sister’ trend divides siblings

TikTok ‘pink sister vs. purple sister’ trend divides siblings


Is this a new sisterly rivalry?

A new TikTok trend, #pinksisterpurplesister, has siblings divided over whether they are the “pink sister” or “purple sister,” with each color identifying different personality traits or stereotypes.

The “pink sister vs. purple sister” theory became a topic in 2022 but was reintroduced earlier this year by Lucinda Price on the “Flex & Froomes” podcast.

Price explained the differences between the two colors as one sister prefers pink items while the other prefers purple — but it’s much more than favorite colors, according to the host and TikTokers who have many opinions about what it means to be “pink” or “purple.”

Her breakdown became controversial when she proclaimed, “It’s like an unspoken rule that pink sister is better.”

She continued, “If you’re the purple sister, it’s like a type of consolation prize.”

The podcaster admitted that she considers herself the “pink sister” because she has a plethora of pink items and even got into a tense argument about it with her “purple sister.”

Sister duos all over took to TikTok, revealing their “pink sister vs. purple sister” scenarios, with some designating “pink” ladies as clean while their “purple” counterparts tend to be messy.

More than 10 million videos on the app reference the “pink sister vs. purple sister” theory, revealing how people differentiate which color they are.

According to many, “pink sisters” can be considered girly girls, neat and structured, while “purple sisters” are free-spirited, sassy and unorganized.

Lucinda Price, a co-host on the “Flex & Froomes” podcast, revealed she’s the pink sister.

One TikToker, Felicity Carlson, uploaded a video series to confirm why she’s the pink sister, comparing how each sister organizes their makeup, closet and car.

In a viral clip with 2.9 million views, Carlson exposes her sister’s untidy car, filled with clothes in the back seat and several old drink beverages. In contrast, the pink sister’s car is spotless, with nothing in sight.

She continues to prove her point by posting her purple sister’s closet, which has clothes on the ground and flooding out of the drawers. Meanwhile, Carlson’s closet has everything put away.

In another clip, Carlson captures her sister’s beaten-up makeup jumbled in a cosmetic bag, unlike hers, which is stored neatly on her vanity.

The Post reached out to Carlson for comment.

The video series had many people realize which color they identify as.


“So I’m a purple sister, hahah,” laughed one watcher. “I know I’m a purple girl now.”

“I’m the pink sister 1000% percent,” commented another.

Another set of siblings posted a TikTok video with nearly 79,000 views, disclosing their style differences as sisters.

One sibling is dressed in a hot pink silk gown with her hair slicked back, while her sister wears a purple pantsuit and facial piercings with ombre hair.

“No, but this is actually the best example,” declared one person.

The sister theory has siblings question which color they consider themselves.
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Clair Melodi, who goes by @clair3.melodi on TikTok, posted a video describing the dynamic of the color-coded relationship.

“The purple sister is sassy and strong but will always look out for the pink sister. They’re headstrong, a little bit bold, and ruthless in the face of the pink sister,” the caption read.

The trend has even brought some siblings together, recognizing their role in the sisterly dynamic.

“You’re my purple,” commented Melodi’s sister.

She quickly replied, “You’re my forever pink.”

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