YouTube and Instagram impose their woke LGBT alliance on ex-trans people

YouTube and Instagram impose their woke LGBT alliance on ex-trans people

Messenger, Tuenti, the first color phone -And the cover! -…They were the pioneers of social networking, but now they are extinct, marking an entire generation. Millennials, currently aged 30 to 42, will also remember the classic warning “If a stranger asks you to meet, say no.” Yet fewer and fewer warnings are being heard.


Fathers and mothers feel safer today They know their children, the current Generation Z (born 1994-2010) and even Generation Alpha (2011-present), are still at home.They believe that children are more Insurance next to “infinite scroll” suggestions for YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram or Twitter. Maybe it’s not as obvious of a danger as it once was. Maybe now “strangers” won’t be so inviting to young people leaving their homes. Maybe he’s already into it.

Just ask the nearly omniscient Google what the biggest risks are for social networks to get a more or less accurate picture of where things stand today.

“Cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a major concern for most parents. Insecurity and lack of self-esteem caused by gossip, insults or offensive language These are just some of the effects produced These harassers” answered the first entry targeting this question.

So far, we can assume that this cyber risk is new, albeit unpleasant. “School fights” have more serious consequences.

The answer continues: “There are many situations where a child has ended self-mutilation In the most extreme cases, suicide“.

Canceled for ‘violence’: Her crimes, speaking out about her transition

At the same time, large social networks—Target (Facebook and Instagram) – as well as big tech companies, etc. Google (YouTube) appears to have a strong objection to content deemed “violent” or inappropriate for minors.The question is how do you understand the network Instagram stands for “violence” and YouTube stands for “underage content.”

Earlier this week, the platform came under ruthless scrutiny over accounts Chloe ColeA 19-year-old girl has almost completed her gender “transition.”this Social networks are their primary access Trans teachings made him suffer mutilatejoint pain, weak bone density, and persistent urinary tract infection symptoms.

(Here we tell you the full story of this young woman and her crusade against the doctor who caused her change).

With remorse, today she is an advocate for children harassed by the trans lobby. Or to put it another way, a network of doctors, politicians, educators and organized internet users spread the question “Would you rather have a living daughter or a dead son?”

According to Cole himself, the Meta platform will apply limits on violence believes its guidelines “help promote content that fosters a safe community on Instagram” and seeks to “not recommend content or accounts that display or encourage violence”Text, images, tags (#tags), terminology, and biography“.

A victim of woke censorship, Cole’s account has amassed a following that believes in the dangers of trans policies It won’t be visible to your non-followers or other sections Examples include Explore, Search, Follower Suggestions, Reels, or Feeds.

Among the many criteria by which YouTube censors videos or content creators, “directed against minors” or “violence” are two of the main ones: however, whether these criteria are applied depends on authorship, confirmation of arousal assumptions, or fighting. them.

But Meta (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) are not the only companies applying this rule. wakeupcancel. The case of Prisha Mosley demonstrates this.

Transgender ‘love bomb’… ‘will eventually kill you’

Since I was 14 years old, Prisha Mosley He suffered from psychotic depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, mania, anorexia and borderline personality disorder. A rape in the same year exacerbated all this, triggering insanity, forgetfulness of name and age, self-mutilation and several suicide attempts. The only therapy mental health ‘experts’ offered him was transition Doctors convinced her that “looking like the opposite sex would solve her disability.


At 16, her nutritionist admitted her after she self-harmed and examined her after she was discharged. 80 minutes Addressing her eating disorder: Less than an hour and a half before claiming her illness was caused by a “gender identity crisis”. Recommended final treatment, transition.

In 2015 they regulated it Testosterone Because the doctor testified that her patient “frequently thought about death and had suicidal thoughts.”After several studies, they found that this “treatment” was worsening their health, especially when they “ate potentially toxic drugs”. As a final step, they executed mastectomy -Breast amputation-. After a decade-long search that left her physically and psychologically devastated, she found the therapy necessary to address her trauma and illness. “Transgender therapy” can have physical and mental consequences. No solution.

Left: Prisha Mosley, 15, before starting testosterone. Right: Mosley five years after taking testosterone.

As she herself said, “The transgender community tells you to kill yourself yourself”, just pretending”a love bombThis mission was initiated by the LGBT community on social networks, who are now harassing her return.

Woke People and LGBT Alliance: A Practical Case

But his story doesn’t end there.Nine months ago, she recounted her “derailing” testimony in an interview with The New York Times Independent Women’s Forumin the accumulated videos Over 100,000 views on YouTube.

Just like Cole on Instagram, The video platform did not hesitate to “cancel” The disruption caused by trans amputation makes it difficult to access videos from other social networks or media.The argument put forward by Google Social Network is “Age Restriction” Policy.

The following lines show what this censorship looks like: This video appears as “Unavailable”. If you copy the link and access it directly from the address bar, the result will also be (already from YouTube) “Video not available”. Moreover, visualization is only “free” by accessing it from the channel and through subsequent clicks and keystrokes, and in the process a large number of interested parties have been lost.

Suicide attempt, mutilation, bullying, extortion of minors, harassmentinsults, offensive language… are some of the “dangers” thrown out by Google related to social networks.

However, when reviewing publications that have been taken down based on these criteria, victims and users demonstrate a lack of understanding of the “woke double standard”: they are The big networks are promoting what they are against.. Mosley or Cole are just two examples.

Scars on YouTube: Only for Transgender People

“Youtube Videos promoting cross-sex hormones or double mastectomies With hundreds of thousands of visits and no limits. At the same time, it also imposes warnings, restricts viewing or removes videos like Prisha’s that warn of the real consequences and harms of social and medical transformation and expose deceptive medical practices on children,” he denounced last month. Victoria Corley,High-ranking official Independent Women’s Forum.

Kohli believes cases like Cole’s or Prisha’s are just “an example” “Cancel Intolerance” wakes up LGBT.

Meanwhile, YouTube confirmed the reasons for not trusting its policies: See It’s entirely possible for mothers with six-year-old daughters to “transition”Just like in this video.

and doctors who support the transition, such as surgeons Sidb Gallagherwhich openly exposes countless types of operations to its thousands of subscribers (as shown in the video below, this one is open to everyone).


In her case, visible gender surgery scars They will persecute adults and minors throughout their lives YouTube believes that these actions do not violate its policies.

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