Letters to the Editor — Fentanyl facts, Congress, Ken Paxton, the term ‘woke’

Letters to the Editor — Fentanyl facts, Congress, Ken Paxton, the term ‘woke’

Fentanyl series lifesaving

The Dallas Morning News fentanyl series should be a mandatory reading assignment in all middle schools and high schools. Life-changing, lifesaving.


Ann Marron Clark, University Park

What creates fentanyl demand?

Re: “Politifact: Answering key fentanyl queries — Here’s what to know about the powerful drug’s different forms,” Monday news story.

Many of the conservative letter writers to The Dallas Morning News continue to blame the fentanyl crisis on undocumented migrants for bringing the drug across the “unsecured border.”

This story by PolitiFact separates fentanyl myths from the actual facts. It disproves the myth that fentanyl deaths in the U.S. are increasing because immigrants are smuggling the drug.

The rebutting facts given by PolitiFact include: 1. The border is not wide open, that border protection funding and staffing have remained consistent over the Trump and Biden administrations, and border laws and policies continue to be enforced, and 2. In 2022, 89% of convicted drug traffickers were U.S. citizens and are commonly used as traffickers as they are able to cross the border multiple times and know the territory better.

Instead of making political capital, some introspection would be more constructive. If there were no demand, the supply would dry up. What is it about our culture that creates the demand?

Fred R. Neary, Far North Dallas

Party politics hurting U.S.

Re: “Biden probe raises its own questions — What you should know about impeachment inquiry into president,” Wednesday news story.

George Washington was concerned about “factions,” the 18th century equivalent of “partisanship.” Now House Speaker Kevin McCarthy reverses his promise to have the House vote on whether to pursue an impeachment investigation, apparently in an effort to avoid having his speakership placed in jeopardy by a single House member. This rule was enacted to gain the votes of far-right Republicans that he needed to become speaker.

Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., has stalled confirmation of hundreds of military promotions to the detriment of military preparedness. Meanwhile, items such as the debt ceiling wait to be addressed.

The primary goals of members of Congress appear to be 1. what will ensure my reelection, 2. what does my party want and 3. what is best for the country — in that order.

When party politics are paramount, it is “we the people” who suffer the consequences.

William F. Sanderson Jr., Dallas/Lake Highlands

AWOL Paxton says it all

It speaks volumes that in the biggest trial of his life, our esteemed attorney general has gone AWOL. Not only will he not testify, he won’t even be bothered to listen to the testimony of formerly close associates alleging adultery, bribery and numerous unlawful acts. On the other hand, his wife is required to sit through it all.

And for those who say this impeachment trial subverts the will of Texas voters, let’s not forget that following the 2020 presidential election, Ken Paxton sued four states where he had absolutely zero judicial authority over their election results. In typical fashion, he lost and Texas taxpayers footed the bill.


Way past time for all this to end.

Curtis Mitchell Williams, Richardson

Let’s be ‘mindful’

It’s a word that’s been thrown around a lot lately. And one that I’m sure we’ll hear a lot more over the next year or so. Woke. A simple word with the simple meaning of awake, arise or stop sleeping.

Somewhere along the way it grew to hold another meaning of being aware, well-informed in a political or cultural sense. Neither definition seems like it would be a bad thing, right? Being awake is good (unless you really need some sleep, of course). Being aware and informed seems like a good thing, too.

So why is it that some people have decided to pervert the meaning to make it sound like the worst thing in the world? Like doomsday is just around the corner!

I have an idea. Let’s use another word. Mindful. It’s pulled from a book I read recently (Why We’re Polarized by Ezra Klein) where the author quotes Robert Wright, political journalist and Buddhist scholar, who said, “The word ‘mindful,’ as used around the time of its translation, meant ‘taking thought or care of; heedful of; keeping remembrance of.’”

How can anyone oppose those values? Somehow I have the feeling some people are already trying to figure out a way to do just that!

Sara Miskimins, Dallas/Lake Highlands

Wishing teachers well

Re: “Give teachers composition credit,” by Ann Madonia Casey, Aug. 29 Letters.

Casey has admonished me for wondering whether English composition is still taught in high school and college.

My statement (“Floyd is required reading,” Letters to the Editor, Aug. 27) was based, in part, on contrasting Jacquielynn Floyd’s work with the teeth-grinding errors I’ve seen in a college newspaper whose editors should know better, by the tortured syntax on television news websites and by the never-ending flow of examples on the internet. Even one of America’s great newspapers allows a gremlin to sneak through now and then.

By following the simple rules of good writing, Floyd fashions prose that is clear and accessible. She uses an active voice. She writes declarative sentences. And she taps a vocabulary that doesn’t require a trip to Google.

I salute Ms. Casey and the English composition teachers of Texas. I wish them well in their impressive effort to teach our children how to master the English language. May some of their students go on to be the Jacquielynn Floyds of the next generation.

Bill Corporon, East Dallas


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