IPL 2024 Memes: Funny ‘Highlights’ That Bowled the Internet So Far

IPL 2024 Memes: Funny ‘Highlights’ That Bowled the Internet So Far

IPL 2024 Memes: Funny ‘Highlights’ That Bowled the Internet So Far (Photo Credits: X)


IPL 2024: Memes and posters that stole the spotlight in the league so far.

The IPL isn’t just a cricket tournament; it’s a nationwide craze, offering us Indians the ultimate entertainment fix. Fuelled by our love for the game, it’s a yearly event that die-hard fans eagerly anticipate, scrambling to their TVs or phones to catch every thrilling moment of the T20 action. But it’s not just the matches themselves that make the IPL special; it’s the entire experience—the beloved players, the rivalries between teams, the banter among fans—that keeps us hooked.

But amidst all the excitement, there’s one thing we can’t overlook: memes. These humorous creations have become the go-to medium for expressing our feelings about the IPL on social media. No matter which hashtag you click on, whether it’s about a specific match or player, you’re guaranteed to find a flood of memes. As we hit the halfway mark of this cash-rich league, which kicked off on March 22, it’s time to spotlight some of the funniest and most memorable memes that have kept us laughing throughout IPL 2024.

Sunil Narine’s ‘Infectious’ Smile

Sunil Narine of KKR isn’t just showcasing his unexpected prowess with the bat; he’s also capturing hearts with his expressive smile. Many are dubbing it as ‘the World’s 8th wonder’, and it’s no wonder why! LOL

RCB’s Persistent Losing Streak

RCB’s unfortunate streak of losses seems never-ending, earning them a top spot on meme-makers hit lists. Their struggles continue this year, and meme creators are doing justice to the ongoing saga of disappointment.

Travis Head’s Smashing Display Getting ‘Lagaan’ Comparisons

Watching Travis Head of SRH demolish bowlers with his aggressive batting style brings back memories of the fierce Captain Andrew Russell from ‘Lagaan’. Indians couldn’t help but draw comparisons, adding a touch of cinematic nostalgia to the IPL excitement.

Shashank Singh’s ‘Accidental’ Rise to Prominence

The story of Shashank Singh, the 32-year-old ‘accidentally’ brought into the IPL auction, has become the stuff of legends. Despite the initial doubts, Singh proved his worth with a match-winning performance, prompting a flood of hilarious posts and memes on social media.


Harsha Bhogle’s ‘What a Ball’

Harsha Bhogle’s signature “What a ball” commentary has become ripe material for memes, with fans adding their humorous twists to his repetitive remarks.

MS Dhoni’s Six-hitting Spectacle

When MS Dhoni steps onto the field for CSK, the atmosphere reaches a whole new level of excitement. And when he smashes the ball out of the park, the roar of the crowd is matched only by the flood of memes celebrating his incredible shots.

But it’s not just memes; the colourful posters and placards in the stadiums also showcase the passion of IPL fans, adding to the vibrant atmosphere of the matches.

Take a Look:

Thus, as we reach the halfway mark of IPL 2024, the excitement only grows, leaving us eager to see what the rest of the season has in store.

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