Nickelodeon Adds Woke Twist to Reboot of Popular Kids’ Show ‘Fairly OddParents’

Nickelodeon Adds Woke Twist to Reboot of Popular Kids’ Show ‘Fairly OddParents’

Children’s TV network Nickelodeon has announced the debut of the re-boot of its popular cartoon series, “Fairly OddParents,” but the new series will do away with the former focus of the show and introduce a new character.


The original Nickelodeon series focused on 10-year-old Timmy Turner, who lived in Dimsdale with his wacky parents. But his life gets strange when two fairy godparents show up to grant his every wish — and hilarity ensues.

The network is set to revisit its show, this time to be called “The Fairly OddParents: A New Wish.” But there will be something different for the kids when the show comes back on May 20.

With 10 seasons under his belt, Little Timmy Turner is out. He is to be replaced with a 10-year-old black character named Hazel Wells.

Cosmo and Wanda will be back, but the scheme is very different. The fairy godparents are now retired and have moved away from Dimsdale. Moving to their new home in Dimmadelphia, they meet Wanda, the girl next door, who is sad because her brother left for college.


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The original 10-season Nickelodeon series followed Timmy as he wrangled with life lessons and the mishaps his wishes caused. The concept also saw several full-length animated movies and a short-lived return to Dimsdale as a college-bound Timmy bequeathed his fairy godparents to his cousin, Viv Turner.

The final series, though, only lasted for a season on Paramount+ due to a lack of ratings.

The new series, though, is flipping the Turner family script to shoehorn racial “diversity” into the series by introducing the property’s first non-Turner recipient of the fairy godparents. It appears the previous shows were too white for Nickelodeon.

Is wokeism taking over kids’ shows?

This seems to be a common occurrence for so many reboots for kids’ shows.

Take the recent reboot of the “Scooby Doo” series, “Velma,” in which the white character of Velma Dinkley has been refashioned as an East Asian character who is bisexual.

The first season of “Velma” was widely panned by critics and viewers alike. It was so bad that a raft of conspiracy theories rose as to its true intent, as if it was that bad on purpose.

The Velma character had already been co-opted by the LGBT community as a leading gay character.

In 2022, the co-opting became so blatant that Google festooned a search of the character’s name with gay-pride flags.


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Velma is not the only “Scooby Doo” character to be given a woke remake. Daphne Blake, formerly white, is now an Asian, and Norville “Shaggy” Rogers is now black and one of Velma’s love interests.

Naturally, despite horrible ratings and bad reviews, Max is already debuting a second season.

One of the most persistent questions many have about Hollywood and the entertainment industry is why they have to take once-popular series and destroy them with woke updates. Instead of tearing down past shows, why don’t they just make something new that corresponds to their woke ideals?

Their inability to create new shows that are as popular as their old ones reveals their utter lack of creativity, on one hand. But it also shows that they have no confidence at all that wokeness can successfully stand on its own and needs to be cloaked in characters that were once popular for other reasons.

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