32 of The Best TikTok Memes to Make Your Day

32 of The Best TikTok Memes to Make Your Day

When Vine was shut down two years ago it left a massive hole in our hearts. Until we discovered TikTok, the new, not-really-new social media platform where users post short, 15-second clips of anything from pranks to dance challenges to videos of their pets dressed in funny outfits.


Formerly known as in the US, Chinese social media network TikTok has had a meteoric rise, becoming an endless source of creative short sketches, similar to the even shorter Vine skits. It is best known for its act-out and lip-synching memes backed by music and other sound clips, which are reproduced and remixed among its young users. That’s also why it is often referred to as the lip-synching app.

Regardless, if you find TikTok cringeworthy and bizarre, that’s probably because you grew up in the age before the social web. Generation Z’s love the goofy online sharing platform and many now make money off it. It’s simple, funny and irreverent – and a refreshing change of pace from more serious platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. It’s the ultimate procrastination app and can suck you in for hours.

Here are 32 of the best TikTok memes we could find:

1. I’m Already Tracer

The “I’m Already Tracer” video has become the definition of an earworm. The meme is a series of duets in which users record videos of themselves lip synching lyrics from the song “No Mercy” by The Living Tombstone. It all started when the Mashed YouTube channel uploaded an animated music video for the song in 2017. The song contains a segment in which YouTubers Black Gryph0n and LittleJayneyCakes sing an argument over which characters to play in the game Overwatch. The takeout from the song has spun off into thousands of TikTok videos of users acting out their own version of the lyrics and has reached somewhat of a cult status.

2. Stair shuffle dance challenge

@ecruzn ? #stairshuffle #nyc #shuffledance #girlgang ♬ Friendships – Pascal Letoublon

Who doesn’t love a catchy beat? Add to that some flight footed girls doing a stair shuffle and you’ve got yourself a viral meme. The TikTok stair shuffle dance challenge had thousands of users busting their moves up the stairs. It even led to the creation of tutorials on how to do the dance and the tune is simply addictive. (PS. Do not try this at home without adult supervision.)

3. Dame Tu Cosita

@onlyoneofofficial 요정과 외계인의 콜라보??? #온리원오브 #유정#외계인댄스 ? #aliendance #duet #OnlyOneOf #YooJung #fyp #foryou ♬ Dame Tu Cosita – El Chombo

The song “Dame Tu Cosita” (which translates to “give me your thingy”) was originally written in 1998 without much fanfare. Twenty years later, in October 2018, it took off massively when French video game animator ArtNoux used it as the soundtrack for his animated green alien. Not only did it spawn hundreds of TikTok videos of users imitating the alien’s dance moves, but it entered the Hot 100 at No. 81 with 10.4 million US streams and 1,000 downloads. Dodgy lyrics notwithstanding, the song and its friendly green alien is a hit with the children, who try their best to imitate his dance.

4. Gummy bear Adele

@smartsweets #adelechallenge featuring #kicksugar #gummybears ♬ original sound – SmartSweets

The scene opens with a lone gummy bear belting out the first words of the chorus to “Someone like you by Adele. Then, gummy bear Adele’s mic cuts out and the audience sings the rest of the chorus as the camera pans over a crowd of gummy bears. The gummy bear crowd stretches as far as the eye can see as hundreds of bears sing with Adele. It’s the feel-good video of the year and has inspired similar creations on TikTok.

5. People doing fascinating jobs

Ever imagine how ice sculptures are made, bobby pins packaged, and broccoli bundled? There are so many weird and wonderful jobs out there and now many of them are being showcased on TikTok. One user, Kaitlyn Reed put together a Twitter thread on everyday and mysterious jobs. Some may seem mundane and tedious (like aforementioned bobby pin packaging) but displayed incredible skills by the people who do them. Watch and be amazed.

6. Karma is a Bitch

The “Karma is a Bitch” challenge is the ultimate vengeance. In it, users start by looking normal in a video selfie and then pull a scarf, blanket or piece of clothing over their heads to reveal their beautiful, sexier or more good looking self. There’s also the ironic version where users look the same after the blanket reveals their true self, punted with the hashtag, #showyourbeauty.

@x.shweta.x Ive always wanted to try this one ? #slmowmotion #karmaisabitch #lipsync ♬ original sound – ?

7. Head banging dog

You know when your song comes on the radio and you just can’t help jamming along? Neither can this dog. The head banging pup has gotten almost 200 000 hearts on TikTok and is pretty good for a giggle if you’re having an off-day. But then again, so are all pet videos, of which there are plenty on TikTok.

@dimitrivegasandlikemike #dimitrivegasandlikemike #dimitrivegas #likemike #eraistrefi #selfish #dog #9gag #fun ♬ origineel geluid – DimitriVegasLikeMike

8. Pet dress-ups

@greeneyes_sparkle #dogs#pandas #dressup#dogsdressedup #viralvideo #tiktok #viraltiktok #viral #foryoupage #fypシ #followformorevideo #videos #viralvid #fyp #foryoupage ♬ That’s Just My Baby Doge – Chicky Milky

While we’re at it, why people dress up their pets? Because it makes for really funny TikTok videos. These guys dressing up their dogs as teddies and making them race down the hallway definitely have a sense of humor, and that is what the app is all about. If you need a laugh, watch this one. It’s mindless fun.

9. Taylor Swift song interpretations

In April, pop sensation Taylor Swift dropped her single “Me!” featuring Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco. The video features kaleidoscopic pastel colors, ensemble dance numbers, and several changes in costume and scenery. Now it’s trending with the #AnotherLikeMe challenge. Swift’s official TikTok account posted a clip from the “Me” music video with the hashtag #AnotherLikeMe and the caption, “Show us your best re-creation of this dance, use MEdancechallenge, and we will find our favs”. The challenge went viral in next to nothing. It won’t be the first time one of Swift’s songs has taken over TikTok. The app is full of videos to which Swift’s songs feature as the soundtrack.

@thebentist You asked for it! 400k follower wife reveal! ?❤️✌? #anotherlikeme #medancechallenge @taylornation ♬ ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco) – Taylor Swift

10. Subway time warp

If stepping out of a train carriage into an alternate universe sounds strange to you, you should have a look at this TikTok video. It is exactly that and has led to a massive trend in China with TikTok users making similar videos. Even the subway system in the city of Xi’an has gotten in on the action, sharing a video that shows two employees dressed in casual clothes exiting a subway car and stepping onto open train tracks, ready for work in blue coveralls and yellow safety vests.

11. Nala the cat

Nala Cat is an 8-year-old Siamese/Tabby-mix that was crowned as the best TikToker of the year in 2018 by the Shorty Awards in New York. She was rescued from a shelter at the young age of five months old and her hypnotic blue eye have been charming social media users ever since. Nala holds a Guinness World Record for most popular cat on Instagram with nearly 4.4 million followers. She also has more than 223.6K  TikTok fans and frequently drawing “awws” from her audience, uploading photos from her life around the house.

12. The ultimate friend zone

American Dominic Toliver is the king of short form, online comedy. After building a huge following on Vine, Dominic now has more than 11.4M fans that have given his uploads nearly 300.7M hearts. His ultimate friend zone video received 1.2 million hearts for its perfect blend of comedy and music, incorporating lyrics and songs into his sketches. Before the advent of TikTok he was popular on Vine, earning more than 90,000 followers on the short form video app.  Dominic’s TikTok profile launched his career as a social media star and comedian. He is also a model (for obvious reasons).

13. ‘Yeah!’ By Usher

Sometimes all you need is four notes and a paper basket to make a hit anthem. Which is exactly what this TikTok user realised. Recognise this song?

14. Shoe change challenge

The #shoechangechallenge, complete with catchy song, had TikTokers changing their outfits on the beat of the song by kicking their shoes into the screen. The challenge actually started with shoes changing as people stomped the ground on the beat of the song, but evolved into outfit changes. It was one of 2018’s most popular trends and was viewed over 12 million times.

15. Hit or miss

If you’ve heard someone randomly yell out the phrase “hit or miss” in public lately, you can blame TikTok. The social media platform has inspired a real-life challenge, where people yell the phrase and wait for a response. If they get one, they know that there’s another TikToker nearby. Even better if they capture it on video so that they can share it on TikTok.

16. Trendy grandparents

Grandparents who are up for some fun are the best. This elderly couple, no doubt filmed by their teenage grandchild, love doing dance moves on TikTok. We just wish they could use the camera right. Nevertheless, their moves are priceless and they seem like the grandparents every child needs in their life.

17. Cosplay

@ohholyhelll Cosplay de Violeta ( Los Increíbles ??‍♀️ )? #violetaparr #theincredibles #cosplay #fypシ ♬ The Incredibles (From “The Incredibles”) – Geek Music

Cosplay, short for “costume play” is a performance art in which participants wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character. In the age of the Internet, this means dressing up to look like an anime, manga, video game, Japanese rock, or Kpop character. It is a huge, ongoing trend on TikTok that has inspired hundreds of videos.

18. #Prankwars

Executing the perfect prank can be quite tricky if you only have 15 seconds to do it. But TikTokers have mastered the art, pranking their parents, friends and loved ones. The quick-fire pranks have become part and parcel of TikTok, and have redefined the comedy form. With sketches, scaring people and creative editing, TikTok’s prank wars are the new America’s Funniest Home Videos and more. Not only do users prank and outsmart their friends but they also compete against each other for the most hearts.

19. Ice cream man

This ice cream maker has found internet fame with his over the top ice cream preparation “for all the beautiful ladies out there”. The man known for his handcrafted ice cream-making technique is Pan-n-Ice cofounder Rob Huysinga, who masterminded the video sensation.

After a video of him making ice cream from scratch on an ice plate at a British kiosk caught the attention of TikTok users, nearly 14 million people viewed his dramatic preparation of the Nutella and the Oreo mix-ins on Twitter. He now has a steady following and is using his talents for good by making ice cream for charities to draw attention to special causes.

20. Teens eating their own fingers

@pontiacmadeddg I ain’t my own finger ? TRY IT #od #fyp #foryou ♬ OD – DDG

The finger eating meme has had some people in stitches and others in tears. Many users have taken part in the meme created with TikTok’s mirror effect, and the result is a shareable, mesmerizing optical illusion. The videos call to mind the wacky PhotoBooth visual effects webcam that led to hours of fun.

21. Cringe videos

The cringe-factor is one of the foundations of TikTok’s success. For a while, cringe videos were the essence of what made the app popular. These are usually videos in which someone does something embarrassing or awkward in a sincere manner. YouTube users would take the most cringeworthy videos and create compilations and reactions to them. As TikTok evolved, users have embraced the fun of making cringe-inducing content.

22. Duets

Duets are another core part of the TikTok experience. Think of it like remixing a song. Users can take another person’s video and add to it. It’s like setting up a joke and giving another person the chance to deliver the punchline. For example, someone may post a video of them dancing on the above-mentioned Taylor Swift song. Other TikTok users can then take that video and add themselves performing corresponding dance moves.

23. Dad Sneeze

@nobodysausageDad’s sneeze be like♬ original sound – Scott Nolasco

Prepare for impact! This hilarious TikTok trend captures the seismic event that is ‘Dad’s Sneeze.’ While the rest of the family might as well be whispering their achoos, when dad lets one rip, it’s like a sonic boom that rattles the windows. This meme exaggerates the all-too-relatable family scenario with users acting out the comically over-the-top reactions to the patriarchal ‘achoo!’ that could probably register on the Richter scale. It’s a lighthearted nod to dads everywhere and their inexplicably thunderous sneezes that leave the rest of us in a mix of awe and slight terror. Get ready to dive for cover!

24. Morning Person or Night Owl?

@the_relationship_memes relatable! ? #relationship #relationshipmemes #boyfriend #girlfriend #meme ♬ Funny Song – Funny Song Studio & Sounds Reel

Rise and shine… or maybe just shine, because rising was hours ago for some! This TikTok trend plays on the eternal struggle between the early birds and the night owls in a relationship. Picture this: the screen splits between two realities. On one side, there’s the boyfriend, the embodiment of morning personified, up with the sun, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed since 6 AM. And on the other, we have the girlfriend, the quintessential night owl, for whom the morning is a myth, finally deciding to grace the day with her presence at 1 PM. It’s a comedic battle of circadian rhythms that anyone who’s ever shared a bed with their polar opposite will find all too familiar. Who needs breakfast in bed when you can have lunch in bed, right?

25. Funny Dentist

@funny.memes.vidz Funnyvideos #funny #meme #comedyvideo #viral #xuhuong ♬ original sound – Memes?

Get ready to brace yourself for this rib-tickling TikTok trend that takes a bite out of the classic dentist visit. It starts off with the usual scene: the patient in the chair, the dentist giving the all-clear with a ‘looking good.’ Just as the patient thinks they’re off the hook, the dentist hands them a surprise — a piece of candy. Confusion ensues. ‘Eat this?’ the patient asks, incredulous yet tempted. The dentist nods with a mischievous grin. The patient, throwing caution to the wind, goes for it, only to be stopped short by the dentist’s ‘gotcha’ moment — ‘That was a test!’ The dentist’s playful scolding follows, leaving the patient in a hilarious state of mock betrayal. It’s a comedic take on dental do’s and don’ts, poking fun at the one thing you wouldn’t expect to be offered after a teeth cleaning. This meme is sure to extract some laughs, showing a side-splitting scenario that ends with a flossy twist. Remember, it’s all fun and games until someone ends up with a cavity.

26. Influencer Potential

@memes09861 #memes #viral #fyp #fypage #relatable #memestiktok #funnyvideos #funny #like #funtiktoks ♬ Originalton – MEMES

Strap in for an Oscar-worthy performance with this TikTok trend that’s all about unleashing your inner drama queen. The scene is set with a simple question, ‘How dramatic are you?’ Cut to the creator, who takes the challenge to a whole new level. With the camera up close and personal, they serve up an intense cringe, complete with faux tears, as if they’re in the climax of a telenovela. But the drama doesn’t stop there — they hit ‘send’ on the video to their unsuspecting friends, spreading the theatrics. It’s a tongue-in-cheek nod to the influencer lifestyle, where sometimes, a little over-the-top emotion is just part of the job description. This meme is for anyone who’s ever been accused of being a drama king or queen and wears that title like a badge of honor. Lights, camera, action — let the exaggerated sobbing commence!

27. Having Fun With The Police

@greatbritishmemes Passed the vibe check ? #ukmemes #memes #britishmemes #greatbritishmemes #british ♬ original sound – greatbritishmemes

Get ready for a dose of British humor with this cheeky TikTok trend that’s all about finding fun in unexpected places. Imagine a police officer, dutifully pumping air into a patrol car’s tire, when suddenly another car pulls up. The driver, seizing the moment, blasts the iconic tune ‘Pump It Up’ and starts busting moves from the driver’s seat. Instead of a standoff, what unfolds is a spontaneous dance-off, with the officer embracing the beat, bobbing along to the rhythm while continuing the task at hand. It’s a lighthearted moment that captures the quirky, unscripted camaraderie between the public and the police, set against the backdrop of everyday duties. This meme isn’t just a laugh; it’s a salute to the spirited officer who can’t help but keep the vibe positive, proving that sometimes, the best way to de-escalate is to dance it out. So, ‘pump it up’ and let the good times roll, even if it’s just during a routine tire inflation!

28. Strength of a Man

@the_relationship_memes relatable! ? #relationship #relationshipmemes #boyfriend #girlfriend #meme ♬ Funny Song – Funny Song Studio & Sounds Reel

Flex those muscles and prepare for a giggle with this TikTok trend that showcases the playful side of strength. It starts with a couple engaging in a light-hearted play fight, a common scene in the domestic jungle. The boyfriend, seizing the opportunity to flaunt his brawn, gently reminds his partner of the pecking order with his superior strength, all in good fun, of course. The meme then cuts to a feline version of this power dynamic: two cats in a mock battle. One cat sits unbothered, a stoic force of nature, while the other makes valiant but futile attempts to wriggle free or land a pat. The first cat’s unshakable composure and strength are clear — no amount of kitty shenanigans is going to disturb this feline’s zen. It’s a humorous parallel to the couple’s tussle, a playful nod to the age-old ‘strong as a cat’ adage, and a purr-fect representation of the gentle giant trope in relationships and pet antics alike.

29. TikTok dancers at a regular job

@invention_kid Never coming back to this place! @charlidamelio #fyp #foryou ♬ Ski Mask The Slump God – Foot Fungus – Kiersten

Imagine the world where TikTok’s rhythm kings and queens swap their dance floors for the fast-paced lanes of regular jobs. This meme takes you to a bustling McDonald’s, where a TikTok dancer-turned-burger-flipper adds a little too much flair to the fry life. As they prepare a burger, they can’t resist serving up a side of slick dance moves. But as they glide towards the customer, the grand finale is a little more… saucy than expected. With a twirl gone awry, the serving tray becomes a flying saucer, launching its contents in an epic food fiasco that lands squarely on the customer. It’s a comedic collision of worlds, poking fun at what happens when the zest of TikTok dance challenges meets the reality of day-to-day jobs. This meme isn’t just a recipe for laughs; it’s a reminder that sometimes, you’ve got to keep the dancing behind the counter and away from the burgers!

30. Workout Gone Wrong

@theofficialc_j BRUH I CAN’T??? #funny #meme #fypシ ♬ original sound – Jack Leblanc

Brace yourself for a workout wince that’s painfully funny. This TikTok trend captures the all-too-relatable gym fail that turns a fitness flex into a flub. A boy, full of ambition, decides to tackle a workout with a stretch band. But as he pulls with all his might, the band has other plans — it snaps back, delivering a low blow that sends him to the ground in an instant. Enter the dad, the silent spectator, whose stoic gaze speaks volumes. With no words and a world of unspoken empathy, he steps out, leaving the scene as quickly as he entered. The boy, recovering from his unexpected ‘workout,’ scrambles to his feet and, in a rush of adrenaline and embarrassment, stops the video. It’s a comedic take on the trials and tribulations of home workouts, where sometimes the only thing you’re stretching is your luck. This meme is a testament to the fact that sometimes, the only six-pack you get is from laughing too hard at your own misadventures.

31. Slipping on Ice This is early 1900s comedy at its peak (@therealgrandcanyon201947) #comedy #ice #slipping #fails ♬ original sound –

Get ready for a chilly chuckle with this TikTok trend that turns a winter wobble into viral gold. It begins with a man, confidently exiting his car, stepping into what he thinks is just another cold day. But the ground has other ideas — a treacherous patch of ice lies in wait. His foot hits the slick surface, and the unexpected ice-capade begins. He’s a runner, he’s a track star, trying to outrun his slippery fate, arms flailing in a desperate bid for balance. The struggle is real as he embarks on an impromptu ice dance, legs churning in a frantic attempt to stay upright. But gravity has the final say, and after a valiant battle, he succumbs to the icy grip, landing on his back with a thud that echoes the collective gasp of every winter warrior who’s ever braced for impact. It’s a slapstick spectacle that’s equal parts athleticism and comedy, a reminder that sometimes, winter bites back, and all you can do is slide… and then maybe go viral.

32. Italian Speaking With His Hands

@carloandsarahSO TOMORROW???♬ original sound – carloandsarah

Prepare for a hilarious cultural conundrum with this TikTok trend that highlights the quintessential Italian art of hand gestures. The scene is set with a playful challenge: an Italian husband must recount his story, but this time, without the animated symphony of his hands. ‘Tell me what you were just telling me but don’t use your hands,’ his partner says. A moment of comedic silence ensues — it’s as if the words are there, but the hands are the key to unlocking them. He starts, ‘So tomorrow…’ but the words just won’t flow. His hands twitch and tremble, eager to punctuate each phrase, to dance along with his tale. It’s a light-hearted nod to the expressive nature of Italian communication, where hands are as essential to the language as the words themselves. This meme is a delightful celebration of cultural quirks, showing that sometimes, you just can’t keep a good man’s hands down!

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