Michelle Obama doesn’t stand a chance. You’re doing Trump a favor.

Michelle Obama doesn’t stand a chance. You’re doing Trump a favor.


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Former first lady Michelle Obama is one of USA TODAY’s Women of the Year

Michelle Obama, author and former first lady, went from Chicago’s South Side to global fame. She’s one of USA TODAY’s Women of the Year.


Vote blue or say goodbye to democracy

In the June 27 letters, Jeffrey Greek stated that he plans to vote for Michelle Obama for president, citing her qualifications and that she would likely make a good president.

There’s just one problem: she has no chance of winning.

And if Joe Biden doesn’t get a vote, Donald Trump will need one less vote to win.

Did we learn nothing from Ralph Nader in 2000? In all likelihood, voting for Nader helped get George Bush elected.

Trump vs. Biden? The debate is over: I want to elect Michelle Obama as president.

In 2016, Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s vote cost Hillary Clinton the election, giving us four years of the worst president in history.

If Donald Trump wins this time, it will mean the end of our democracy (see “Project 2025”).

What happened in the immunity case? Trump’s sentencing in New York hush money case postponed due to Supreme Court immunity ruling

There will be no real elections in 2028. Or maybe we will have “show” elections like in Russia, where Putin won 88% of the vote in 2024.

Or perhaps Trump, now that he has been granted immunity from “scotus” (I refuse to capitalize “scotus”), will have all legitimate competition killed.

Vote blue or say goodbye to our democracy.

John Tripp, Westerville

The enemy is trying to return

During lunch on September 11, 2001, two friends and I were walking around our work campus as we always did. But on this day, we walked in silence, with the images of the collapsing Twin Towers of the World Trade Center burned into our minds.

Once again an enemy is attacking our country, only this time it is a domestic enemy.

It’s in the House of Representatives and the Senate. It’s desperate to get back into the White House.

On July 1, the U.S. Supreme Court proved that the enemy is there too, declaring that the former president—the twice-impeached, convicted sexual predator, fraudster, convicted felon, and accused insurrectionist—is above the law.

Everything you need for the elections: How to Register to Vote in Ohio Before Election Day 2024

We must disagree. Please register and use your power, your vote in November, to stop the fascist MAGA Republicans from destroying our democracy and our rule of law. Because that is their goal just as much as the 9/11 attackers were.

Richard D. Back, New Albany

Respect the community

Dear Columbus City Councilmembers: Slow down or turn back the clocks.

If individual construction projects have months to years to deliberate and submit new proposals, why does Columbus’s massive zoning overhaul get only 60 days for public comment?

During the June 27 Zone In hearing, city officials admitted that they cannot make changes to parcels on the Zone In map, and they cannot add new parcels or remove them from the map.

Opinion: “People say Columbus has lost all of its historic charm.” Zone In would destroy even more of that charm.


They claimed that the laws they were introducing would require another mailing campaign, two meetings, and another 60 days for comment on the changes. And they just can’t have that.

I support Monica Tuttle’s testimony and encourage you to watch the meeting on YouTube.

I would add, why are you even giving us the option to comment on the zoning map if you refuse to address changes? You say you will revisit changes at a later stage of the zoning review. But pushing that to a later stage means you are throwing these issues away.

If the intention is to give the public an additional 60 days to actually have a say in changing our new zoning plan, then so be it.

Michael Feist, COlumbus

Perfect time for Biden to leave politics

The presidential debate revealed the nature and scope of the crisis in national leadership.

To avoid the looming and growing possibility of a second Donald Trump presidency, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris must acknowledge that, despite their efforts over the past three years, they simply do not have the popular support needed to pull off what should be a piece of cake victory.

Hilarious cartoons about the debate: Trump vs. Biden Debate: 10 Cartoons About the First Presidential Debate

Biden should retire — now. Harris should serve out his term but not seek re-election.

They should use their influence to negotiate a national unity ticket with a Democratic governor or senator for president and invite Liz Cheney to join them as a vice presidential candidate.

The Democratic National Convention has the freedom to broker such a ticket, and traditional conservative Republicans have the power to offer the same alternative to the Republican National Convention.

It’s a golden moment for Joe Biden to show the wisdom he brought to office three and a half years ago. The courage to look honestly in the mirror and the selflessness to set aside pride are required for the harsh realities of the moment.

John A. Begala, Granville

Supreme Court Fights for Trump

Wow. I never thought the US Constitution could be changed so easily.

In a 6-3 ruling, the Supreme Court — including two justices with demonstrable conflicts of interest and three appointed by the plaintiff — has decided that, in violation of Article 2, Section 4 of our Constitution, presidents are in fact above the law and immune from prosecution for their “official acts.”

That’s not what three of the six (John Roberts, Samuel Alito, and Brett Kavanaugh) said under oath during their confirmation hearings, but hey, testimony under oath is irrelevant, right?

Trial a member of Congress before a military tribunal? Block a Justice Department investigation of your friends and political allies?

Blackmailing foreign governments to undermine your political opponents? Hiding secret documents in your home bathroom? Using your office to settle personal grievances?

Trump said, “Sure, why not?”

This Supreme Court has become the plaintiff’s ally in the case of “Donald J. Trump v. United States.” Yes, it has.

Steve Abbott, Columbus

A man who never ate from a paper plate

Contrary to the June 30 story, “How Rich Is Your Congressman,” being wealthy is not a qualification for public office.

Responsible government requires a commitment to promote and protect the people it represents. It was disheartening to read that money is the most important thing in the upcoming elections.

The money behind politicians: How Central Ohio Congressmen and Candidates Got Rich: Stocks, Books, and Concrete

According to Wallet, Republican David Taylor of Amelia may be the favorite for District 2, but he opposes reproductive rights for women, has no agenda to support the rural residents of District 2 and his platform is “Whatever Trump says.”

The $1.2 million he spent in the primary didn’t go to goods, services, transportation, health care or job creation for the region. Taylor is fascinated by a man who has never eaten off a paper plate, never visited a national park, never picked a tomato and thinks veterans are losers.

Samantha Meadows ran unopposed and spent just $9,000 in the primary. However, she traveled to every precinct in the 8,000-square-mile district to meet with individuals, groups and organizations and rally support from working people, retirees and those who believe women can make their own decisions about their health care.

She cares about the people of southern Ohio. More than a favorite, that makes her the choice.

Pat Lawrence, Hillsboro

Will the real Lady Justice please stand up?

Lady Justice no longer wears her blindfold. She has pulled up a corner so she can wink at future presidents who are now above the law.


Ernie Hartong, Columbus

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